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SuperUMAns #33 - Outcome Tools for DAOs

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3 weeks ago
Topics: NFT, DAO, SuperUMAns, KPI, Outcome, ...

Before even Outcome existed, I got fascinated by UMA Protocol tools when Hart Lambur talked about KPI Options and how the tokens have been created to support DAOs.

This was so many months ahead the DAO bloom and the very first day I landed in the SuperUMAns Discord. The AMA about UMA was the inspiration for my first article from the SuperUMAns series, writen on the 30th of May 2021.

Fast forward and 32 articles later, I am talking again about KPI options. This amazing tools moved under the Outcome umbrella, following the same vision as one year ago ... positive outcomes for DAOs. 

How does the KPI Option Token work? The DAO configures the KPI depending on the objectives and requirements, then the KPI tokens are minted and distributed by the DAO depending on the needs and usecase. The Key Performance tracked can be TVL, trading volume, community growth, price, income, Twitter followers ... basically any on-chain or off-chain data that can be counted by the Optimistic Oracle.

The KPI Options are easy to use, and built to be easily implemented by DAOs. The custom functions will set the milestones and expiration date, while the tokens will be locked in decentralized, trustless and immutable smart contracts.

Outcome wants success for DAOs, and the future of the Cryptoverse will improve along with the evolution of decentralized governance. Are you ready to drive towards success?

The Outcome KPI tokens can be implemented by protocols, DAOs and even NFT collection. Yes... even NFT collections! I implemented KPI options to Humble Tractors, making my collection the first ever NFT collection that used KPI options. 

The Humble Tractors KPI Option will expire on the 31st of  October 2022, at 8 PM GMT. The value of each KPI Option will be between 0.5 and 1 USDC, depending on the Humble Tractors sales volume. The Humble Tractor KPI options will be used to promote sales of the NFT collection on the OpenSea marketplace, demonstrating the flexibility of Outcome's tools.

The Humble Tractors are a social experiment, a collection of Photography NFT for every Degen or Humble Farmer. Each Tractor has an  POAP unique claim code as hidden data, created by Benny Bumbi. The collection is live on Opensea, for a humble price, under 25 USD, payable in wETH, Matic, DAI or REVV. Be part of something bigger and add something unique to your NFT portfolio.  

Everyone who bought a Humble Tractor received 10 HT KPI, valued 5 or 10 USDC at expiry date. It's getting even better, as every single holder will have a chance to win 50 HT KPI options from my latest giveaway. You could earn either money back or double the money. Every holder of a #HumbleTractor will enter in draw for 50 KPI tokens, which will be redeemed for either 25 or 50 $USDC. One NFT will bring one entry, more NFTs will bring more entries! The snapshot will be taken on the 15th of September! 

The Outcome Poker Club

Success is linked to the strong bounds created within the community, and this is why I came up with the Outcome Poker Club. We have a poker night planned for each end of quarter party, and it's one of the most entertaining events of the day.

Was a busy summer, with everyone hustling less then usual or enjoying a holiday in the sun. Three Outcome Poker Tournaments were played last month, and I won all three!

The first tournament was competitive, winning against Benny after a successful series of All-Ins. The next two where a matter of patience and playing strong hands, with finals against players that wanted to bluff me without anything in the hand. 

How to join the superUMAns?

The SuperUMAns are the community’s ninja troops and the people who bring the community to life. All you have to do to become a superUMAn join our brand new Discord channel and put your talents to good use! There is always room for another superUMAn! 

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Written by   1094
3 weeks ago
Topics: NFT, DAO, SuperUMAns, KPI, Outcome, ...
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Looks like something neat to explore

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Outcome will have ALL the best tools soon!

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