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Are you an airdrop hunter chasing eligibility for the announced zkSync token or just a crypto savvy chad looking for alpha projects?  I have something for you, a project that plans to improve the zero-knowledge trades. 

With Stratum Exchange you will enjoy deep liquidity on zkSync and try the blockchain that everyone is talking about! The time of the launch depends on the Gnosis arrival on the layer-2 chain, so both Stratum and the partners will be able to securely manage their treasuries. 

But what is this zkSync and why is trending?   

zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution that offers cheaper and faster transactions than the Ethereum mainnet. The zero-knowledge rollups are scaling the technology and values without degrading the security, but the hype was built by the possible token airdrop. 

Once launched, the Stratum Exchange will use all the zkSync advantages to power the native liquidity hub built as a public good, The aim is to drive TVL and user acquisition to the ecosystem. 

The DEX will use the ‘vote escrow’ NFT (veNFT) model to deliver a sustainable protocol, one that will help nurturing a powerful crypto community. Stratum adopted some of the changes implemented by newer Solidly forks in an effort to make the DEX usage fair for all users and protocols that wish to use it.   There are many innovative tools and benefits for the users such as:

  • 0% Rebase model

  • 3pool for deep stablecoin liquidity

  • focus on stablecoin growth on zkSync 

  • Change to the emissions schedule

  • Better protocol revenue -

  • Sustainable incentives for liquidity providers

  • Price stability over a longer duration

The Stratum Launchpad will help projects to immediately deploy liquidity into Stratum and receive emissions to their pools via a veNFT loan model which is being developed in-house. 

Tokenomics Deep Dive  

The DEX has two tokens for utility and governance: $STRAT tokens (ERC-20) and $veSTRAT NFTs (ERC_721). $STRAT is the utility token of the protocol used to reward liquidity providers, while $veSTRAT is the governance token in the form of an NFT that is used for governance.   

It all ultimately hinges on a sustainable value creation model, whereby the liquidity providers and veNFT lockers are both generating revenue streams that are rewarding enough to encourage long-term participation. The WL process started, however an valid Discord account is required to participate. 

The token distribution model chosen by Stratum creates an unique synergy between all participants, enhancing the overall development of the project. The result is a community owned veDEX, no seed, no VCs, no insiders.  

Once Stratum Exchange launches, the deployed liquidity will be locked for one year in the $STRAT-$ETH pool. Emissions will begin to flow toward pools that have received the most votes and the users can deposit their liquidity pool tokens to capture a share of the rewards. The veNFT holders will receive a share in both swap fees and deposited bribes, making the veNFTs a pivotal part of development. 

The Stratum Founders NFT Sale will bootstrapping the project in lieu of conducting a private sale and/or a public sale that can often lead to centralization of token holders. The Stratum team has funded development without any backers or outside capital. 

Why NFT sale? Decentralizing the raise and risk profile! The absolute minimum number of wallets would be 500. This would support the ethos of Stratum Exchange. By breaking it up into NFT’s worth 500  $STRAT each, users can choose how much or little they would like to put into the project.

The NFT raise will enable Stratum to seed liquidity for the $STRAT token at launch with enough depth to enable traders to freely transact without causing outsized price impact.

There will be no pre-sale where insiders can purchase a heavily discounted valuations, and the public NFT sale will be used to raise liquidity. Who Can Mint? Anyone can mint! 

Check this Twitter thread for a shorter tl;dr version! 

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Topics: ZkSync, Ethereum, Defi, LP, Yield farming, ...