Stakecube Coin (SSC) mining via mobile and computer available on Stakecube

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Big news from Stakecube, as they announced on Twitter that the mining of Stakecube Coin (SSC) was implemented on the platform. This option is available for all users, on mobile or computer, for free. The web-mining feature will allow users to use their CPU to mine directly into the Stakecube

But what is Stakecube? How to describe it quick and efficient? Basically Stakecube is a German crypto ecosystem where users can start masternodes, join shared masternodes, stake or mine a large range of cryptos. I discovered Stakecube months ago and the platform is so complex that I had to write an StakeCube advanced tutorial, in eight parts, to make sure I cover all the essential information.

On the 1st of October 2020, StakeCube moved from the PIVX codebase to a DASH codebase, in order to create a  safer and more robust chain. The DASH codebase will allow the platform to update quicker and will concentrate on progress instead of fixing errors and issues, while the Proof of Stake  (POS) will be replaced by Proof of Work (POW).  Superior privacy, instant transactions, protection against 51% attacks and X11 hashing algorithm are the other notable upgrades and benefits of the DASH migration. 

Mining Stakecube Coin (SSC) on desktop computer is the easiest option, as the browser can be left open for mining. However, the users are made aware that the miner will use the CPU and may generate a large amount of heat which can reduce efficiency of the device and permanent damage to hardware. The device used for mining must have adequate cooling and airflow systems. StakeCube is not responsible for any damage to the device. The SSC Webminer can be found in the main menu, under the MineCube tab.

The mobile version looks exactly the same as the desktop dashboard, but the mining will resume when the phone will be inactive for a long period. I kept it open for hours on a spare phone, and with 3 threads at 22 H/s it mined 0.0013 SSC, approximately 0.10& of the pool shares.

For the sake of the experiment I left the Webminer open overnight on my laptop to have a clear overview of the mining payouts. From 11PM until 7AM, with 3 threads open, the amount of Stakecube Coin (SSC) was equal to 0.018296 units, which represented 0.13% of the pool shares. If this rate is kept for he whole day, than 0.055 SSC will be mined in a full day.

At the moment, Stakecube Coin (SSC) is valued at $0.56 and a day of mining will generate 0.055 SSC ($0.031). A basic forecast will project 1.65 SSC per month ($0.925), and about 20 SSC ($11.09) in a whole year. I assume that keeping a computer open for 365 years will make it explode, and the electricity bill will match the Pentagon. Please note that my computer is a basic one, so the CPU doensn't have to much power to lend for mining. If everyone with a super computer gets better results, please let me know.

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I assume that keeping a computer open for 365 years will make it explode, and the electricity bill will match the Pentagon.

hahaha lol this was hilarious 😆

and also just like cryptotab browser, if your CPU is i3 or of the same level of power, don't expect any significant amount of earning... 🤔

maybe it might not be enough to buy a coffee☕ much less pay the electric bill 🤣⚡

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2 years ago

Yes... but an update is an update

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2 years ago

Nice one. I use Stakecube too but I'm not getting to much from it.

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2 years ago

This one is a whole ecosystem.. is more about what option it has than gains

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2 years ago

well it does look quite complicated, from what you have stated in the intro, although I haven't really taken a good look at it 🤔😅

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2 years ago

I love Stakecube... they have wallets, shared masternodes, faucets and more.

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2 years ago