Splinterlands Scorching Summer - Simplifying SPS Staking

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Si Senor! Splinterlands Scorching Summer Simplifying SPS Staking Shared For The Society!

Here's another top alliteration for my fans! Splinterlands is my top Play2Earn Dapp and one of the  top games in Web3. The tokenomics created by the Splintershards (SPS) will take it to new highs.

The Splintershards (AKA $SPS) are the official governance tokens that will allow holders to decide the directions where the game will go, giving certain levels of decision-making ability and control over the new developments. The holders will have their say in the future of the game, will gain access to promotions and will receive extra rewards. 

I got eligible for the SPS airdrop, being dripped  tokens for 365 days. I earned Splinterlands along with all the  other Splinterlands players, based on a hard to understand the formula, and never sold a token!  

I have all the drop staked, earning more and adding them in the pool. The staking rewards are also generating Vouchers, while the battle rewards are topping up the amount nicely! Claimed another batch, staking 187 tokens and aiming for 3000 SPS by the end of the year!

The cryptocurrency governance token was integrated to provide increasing levels of decision-making ability and control over the product to the player-base, asset ownership, and the stakeholders. I constantly use my stash of $SPS and vote on all the available snapshots.

As everything in Splinterlands, there is a story behind the shlintershards. The Wizars' Council used their mysterious power to control and alter the fabrics of space and time, morphing reality as they desired. When the Wizards' Council disbanded, the Splintral scholars started to unwrap many secrets, including the use of Splintershards. The massive deposits of the the until now unknowns rock was distributed all over the Splinterlands, and enough shards will grant godlike power. 

You learn everyday, and the loading screen is always a source of knowledge. Did you know that speed also interacts with the chance of miss, not only determine the order in which units attack?

Melee and ranged attackers have a 10% chance to miss for every point of speed difference! I learned this last week and now makes sense why ultra-fast units are so elusive. and this is why the Pelacor Bandit can avoid more attacks than other flying units. 

This makes speed more important than I thought, and summoners that boost or reduce speed stronger than I believed! Here's a prime example of a fight that was decided by a single point of speed! 

The battle-rule was Going The Distance, and only ranged cards where available for the battle. I had to swap Tarsa for Qid Yuff and added the Piercing ability in the mix. Having only 15 mana was hard, and used it all to to create a weird combo. 

Quid Yuff: Piercing to friendly monsters

Venari Marksrat: Decoy with Martyr 

Lava Launcher:  Ranged with Close Range 

I was surprised to see the opponent using the same cards, but a different summoner. I initially thought that Pyre was not a grate choice, but this came back to bite me.

The Lava Launchers took care of the Venari Marksrats, and both were boosted by Martyr. It looked pretty even at this point... but it wasn't! You will quickly do the math in your head and see that the Piercing will do something, taking one health along the armor. But will this be enough to compensate with the lower speed? See the full battle here!  

Is not late to join Splinterlands, as this play2earn blockchain game will keep evolving and expanding. What I like the most is the ever-changing gameplay mechanics, which avoids repetitive actions and boredom. 


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