Splinterlands Glory On Wild Play And Battles For The Wild Crowd

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2 months ago

If you're new to this... then a Splinterlands tl;dr is required! I will tell you about the strategic auto-battler multiplayer digital-collectible trading card game on the Hive blockchain. Lots of fancy words so lets make it simple ... you try to create the most optimal 7-card deck to fight against opponents. 

Each battle will count towards to end of season rewards, where the players are rewarded with potions, cards, SPS tokens, merits and even packs. I wasted a season trying to climb the leaderboard on Modern, away from bots, but came back to Wild for more rewards.

Modern sucks for me, as I am far from a Chaos Legion whale. I was struggling to even grind one reward chest per day, and the return to wild was mind blowing! I reached Silver II and 54 season chests, therefore next season focus chests will contain Silver rewards! 

I unwrapped 22 cards from the chests, with a high attendance for Water creatures. The Swamp Spitter showed up twice, not enough to compete with the five Coastal Sentries I received at the end of the season. Happy to get a couple of Possessed Puppets and two summoners.

Lobb Lowland is already one of my favorites, and Franz is the reason I started to consider Life Splinter teams in my battles. Just as a comparation, the reward chests gained in the Modern experiment was 90% lower, grinding hard for only 5 chests.

Even the rewards from the daily focus were much better, between 6 and 10 chests per day. Sometimes small amounts of Splintershards will annoy me while unwrapping gifts, while sometimes will pull five cards out of six chests.

The Road-Runner will have no chance if the Wily Coyotian keeps dropping like this! I personally like to Possessed Puppet, and the deadly Double-Strike in battles that prioritize melee monsters. 

And when I thought the previous day was good, I opened an even better series of chests. Five cards again, but with two Gladiator summoners joining the party. I was able to upgrade both Eternan Brune and Octavia Shadowmeld, being able to select higher level cards with them.

The Wild season was wild indeed, with days when I was able to claim ten or more chests. Lobb Lowland is always welcome, same with cards like the Ferox Defender and Drybone Barbarian. I use both as booster tanks, and having them at higher levels will improve my chances to win battles. 

The best day of the season was after a 9 wins streak, which took me up to Silver II. The bounty was quite good, with pairs of Dumacke Orcs and Possessed Puppets. The Possessed Puppet started to appear more often than Chucky, smiling sinister while waving deadly knives.

I have an issue, and it looks like the Alchemy Potions or Legendary Potions are not appearing in my inventory. I found 4 potions on the day and I had only one of each when I went to check. I noticed this before but wasn't 100% sure about it. 

I said that I started playing a little with the Life Splinter, and it's totally Franz fault. The commander of the Prideheart Valiants has a natural ability to lead others and a charismatic personality that inspires others to follow. His silver and gold armor is endowed with potent life magic that protects his allies, while the damage is made by the two-handed warhammer! 

Franz Ruffmane: +1 Armor &  +1 Gladiator Card

Pelacor Conjurer: Tank with Flying

Vulguine: Melee with Scavenger 

Captain Katie: Caster with Snipe and Bloodlust. 

The Unicorn Mustang could have been an issue if healed, but Katie sniped the Goblin Psychic with her first spell. Vulguine scavanged to three health points but that didn't made a difference! The wolf with rabies was down, and that snipe from the first round was a game-changer!

Captain Katie and the Unicorn Mustang engaged in Mortal Kombat, and I was right... the Bloodlust boost gave that extra health that helped Katie to win. The deadly blow was dealt with only one point left, and made this victory a dramatical ending! See the full battle here!

The Coastal Sentry quickly become one of my top cards, with the Double Strike often boosted by the Demented Shark. This time I had a different approach, due to the lack of casters, and went for melee reduction.

Kelya Frendul: +1 Speed & +1 Damage

Costal Sentry: Tank with Double-Strike

Disintegrator: Melee with Demoralize

Pelacor Bandit: Melee with Flying and Sneak

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak

The Coastal Sentry had to slice and dice, while the Disintegrator mission was to reduce the damage delivered to my tank. The strategy paid off, as I faced a Fire team with Snipe rangers hiding behind two strong melee tanks. The Elven Defender was stuck behind the Living Lava, a poor move. 

The Lava Spider was the first one down, after sneak-sneaky attacks from the Pelacor Bandit and Uraeus. The Living Lava shild reduced the damage from dealt by the Coastal Sentry, but also had his attack reduced!

The team set-up was strong, having a good synergy. The enemy had the attack power reduced, and the deadly snipe rangers were taken down quick. If I didn't had monsters with Sneak, the ranged unit could have been a problem.

The Coastal Sentry took care of the Living Lava with ease, and sacrificed for the greater good of the team. World of tanks? The Elven Defender and the Disintegrator moved into the first position. Was game over in few moves! See the full battle here!

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