Splinterlands Glory - Claiming My First Silver II Rewards

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4 months ago

There are few lessons I learned the hard way at Splinterlands, and never consider a battle won until it ends is the most important. What is very important as well is to never stop improving! This is why I keep hustling even if I came late to the party. I joined much to late and can't compete with the OGs ... but I keep fighting! 

I was knocking at the Silver II doors for months and always failed just before the finish line.  My deck got better and better from reward chests and the overpowered brawl cards and I was still failing .... until I didn't!  I reached Silver II and I finally claimed the enhanced rewards.

The new game changes helped me reach the Silver II  ranking for the first time, and sweet sensation of sampling Splinterlands silver success was amazing! The Gladiator cards done that extra little push, and I can honestly say that the Bloodlust cards helped me achieve this milestone.

The higher you climb in the league... the more reward points and the better chests you can unlock. The chests rewards during the next season will bring 0.8% more Legendary chances and an extra 2% chances on unwrapping gold foil cards! Game On Battle Mages!

The end of season came and the hustle was rewarded with 16 chests!  The highest league achieved this season was Silver and the bounty was equivalent to this level. I quickly opened the chests and hoped for legendries but it didn't happened! 

At least I've unwrapped six cards and some potion. I run out of legendary and alchemy potions last time I bought Chaos Legion packs and need some for the next session. Happy to get 2x Swam Spitter, the Wily Coyotian, Ferox Defender, Costal Sentry and the Terraceous Grunt.

The rewards from the daily focus weren't great, and some days I didn't go above two rewards chests. The first better day was when I grinded six chests and found a Venari Marksrat and a Fungus Flinger. It all counts towards upgraded soulbounds cards! 

The best daily focus reward was towards the end of the season, when I farmed nine treasure chests. I found a Firecaller, the Coastal Sentry, Eternan Brune and a new card! 

The Madcap Magus will be a good addition to my Obsidian magical team, a monster with an interesting set of skills. The mystical mushroom has Scattershot and Life Leech, shooting random enemies and increasing his health when hitting them.

According to the lore, the Madcap Magi are wild mages of the myconids, a species of sentient, mobile mushrooms. Their magic is unpredictable, with oftentimes erratic and random effects. While most practitioners of magic attempt to harness and control the elements, madcap magi believe this dampens the elements’ potential. Instead, they’ve learned to channel earth mana through their bodies and their staffs without restrictions, letting it run its course, come what may. Madcap magi are willing to accept the consequences, believing the rewards of unbridled magic outweigh the risks.

Refreshing Water or Purifying Fire? This is a question as old as the genesis of the Splinterlands... and this question will always split kingdoms. I had to get a short team due to the 12 mana cap, without legendary monsters. 

Tarsa: +1 Attack & +1 Health

Living Lava: Melee Tank with Shield

Radiated Scorcher: Melee with Shatter

Went for full rage and Tarsa, while my opponent went for a fast team boosted by Kelya Frendul. My Living Lava was my gamble, hoping that the enemies will have low damage. This looked as a top choice, as all the monsters had one melee or ranged attack. 

Two rounds gone and zero damage delivered to the Living Lava, as the Shield reduced the melee and ranged damage of the opponents to ... nothing! The only events that worth mentioning were the Blast from the Pirate Archer, that rebounds on the Radiated Scorcher and one-hit demise of the Cruel Serthopod.

That Pirate was annoying but still harmless to my main monster, even if it managed to take down the Radiated Scorcher. Slow and steady wins the race, as I took care of the Ooze and Xenith Archer.

Pirate... I am coming for you! After that will be ... winner winner ... chicken dinner! See full battle here! 

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