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Splinterlands February Review: War and Love! War and Peace

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1 month ago

February was all about war and love ... or more about war and peace if you prefer Tolstoy. I was looking for my inner peace and progressing through ranks in Splinterlands.

Did my best to complete the weekly challenges, but sometimes I just lacked the inspiration to build a strong team. In February I completed three weekly battle challenges: the Grim Reaper, the Stonesplinter Orc and the Water Elemental. Started my 3rd month of Splinterlands and I can feel I am getting better as my strategy and deck improved.

The Grim Reaper

Another week, another challenge! On World of Warcraft I was a Forsaken Rogue and Undead was my favourite castle at Heroes 3. However, on Splinterlands, I don't play so much with the Death Splinter. This week battle challenge is ... the Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a rare card that can be earned thorough rewards. Is a ranged monster from the Death Splinter, that has Affliction at level 1, and gains Oppress at level 5. If maximized to level 8, will gain Piercing.

I got a 99 mana battle with no special rules and I could chose my best line-up. Started with the Drake of Arnak, my Dragon Summoner. I used my most expensive cards, with the Bone Golem as a tank. The overpowered damage was given by the Sand Worm, Undead Rexx, Octopider and the Nightmare!

The Grim Reaper fitted the team well, as the Affliction will stop my opponents to heal. He had the Goblin Mech as a tank and lots of monsters behind. The battle was highly contested until the end, but my superior cards and tactics paid off.

The Grim Reaper was one of the winning factors, as his speed and damage made it hit before most of the opponents, reducing their numbers. The Nightmare, the Undead Rexx and the Grim Reaper survived the battle. See the whole battle: HERE!

The Stoneplinter Orc

Another week .. another challenge! This Splinterlands weekly challenge requires an old and unused card: the Stonesplitter Orc. The Alpha/Beta Rare card is linked to the Earth Element and has Retaliation at level one and Enrage at level 5.

I used the Stonesplinter or as a tank, counting on the Retaliation to do extra damage and turn the fate of the battle in my favour! The Sand Worm is one of my top choices when it's about quick damage. The Khimer Princess and Chicken were chosen to fill the team.

How did this worked? Perfect! The opponent had the same splinter and a strong tank. My tactics paid off as the Orc retaliated than attacked the Unicorn Mustang, dealing 6 damage. This was the turning point of the battle as his tank fell quick enough, whiteout dealing to much damage

The Sand Worm was the one finishing the fight but all the credits are going to the Stonesplinter Orc for turning the tides in my favour.
See the whole fight HERE!

I can see the Orc being a game changer for quick battles but I am unsure how can cope in big mana battles and against strong casters as his advantage is given in melee 1v1 duels.

Daily Quest Reward Chests

A bit unusual, but I started to get cards from the daily quest reward chest. To make it even better, the cards I received are quite good. Is a nice change from the boring dark crystals.

New Rank Achieved: Silver III

My usual rank at the end of the season was Bronze II but this time I overachieved. After my last article about my Splinterlands journey, I received a helping hand from the Splinterlands Twitter account. My game was boosted by the higher level cards he/she sent and I was able to progress through the ranks. One day before the end of the season I was stuck at Bronze I, only 170 Power away from Silver III.

And with only two hours before the end of the season ended, I was only 9 rating points away. I lost the next two battles, then won some, and every time I got close, it was still too far.

I battled and battled for the next hour trying to become a knight in silver armour, and finally with just minutes before the deadline I was successful. Silver III unlocked and 12 reward loot chests to open soon!

I didn't had the patience to check the chests in the morning so I battled more and waited for the minutes to go. I opened the chests and received a lot of Dark Energy Crystals, potions and three cards, including the rare Temple Priest. I now look forward to March, trying to match this performance! 


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Written by   345
1 month ago
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