Splinterlands Djinn Inferni Challenge - Will Rain With Fire When He Will Rise

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The Djinns are the last line of defense against the Chaos Legion and will rain with fire when Djinn Inferni will rise! Will be even more chaos if he will scorch the battlefield on ... Wednesday!

Djinn Inferni is an Epic fire card from the Chaos Legion expansion, a powerful magic creature that has the ability to destroy giants. It's not confirmed but he may be a distant cousin of Ragnaros! Remember him insects?

Djinn Inderni is one of the most powerful creatures in Pretoria. He is the eldest of the fire wardens, the ancient spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone.

Djinn Inferni is the full package, with 3 speed and 3 magic damage. He is a giant slayer, doing double damage on monsters that cost 10 mana or more, and will gain Stun when upgraded.

Gold vs Dragon Wrath and Wild Fire! This had to be a good battle, with 48 mana to choose monsters, no legendary cards and Holy Protection. Everyone will have Divine Shield and some Thorns will take care of the extra protection

Brighton Bloom: Flying ability to all friendly monsters

Djinn Chwala: Dragon OP Tank with Roots

Djinn Inferni: Caster with Giant Killer

Sand Worm: Melee with Sneak

Tenyii Striker: Melee with Sneak

Djinn Apprentice: Caster

Ettin Spearman: Ranged with Piercing

I used Brighton Bloom to give Flying to my team and went for Chwala as main tank for the Roots ability. I had to face a fully golden team, and t see if gold foil can beat the dragon's wrath.

Took down the Flesh Golem by the end of the first round and most of the monsters lost their Divine Shield. The tension was high as everyone got ready for carnage!

Hunter Jarx was the next victim, just before my Djinn Inferni turned to cold ash. My team went for glory as they took Beatrix down just before the last move of the round.

I countered the Thorns given to all enemies by the opponent summoner with my ranged and casters. It was game over after only four rounds, as gold foils make no difference when facing wildfire. See the full battle here!

Nevermore! I had to take full advantage of a boring set-up, as normal battle-rules and 26 mana cap didn't gave me much options. I decided to Djinn-infused my team with Fire, fangs, claws and Thorns.

Drake of Arnak: +1 Armor to all friendly monsters

Djinn Chwala: Dragon OP Tank with Roots

Ant Miners: Tank with Scavenger

Tenyii Striker: Melee with Sneak

Djinn Inferni: Caster with Giant Killer

Fire Fiend: Melee "back-shield"

It looked like a classic battle, as Fire will oppose Water. The two opposite splinters can be both week or strong against each other , depending on tactics and selection. My opponent Water team had a focus on sneaky blows behind the tank. The Serpent of Eld was chosen to delay the battle, obtained by the Dodge ability.

I went for full strength and OP damage. The Fire Fiend was the first causality of the battle, but that's why he was left in the position on the field. It was selected as a decoy and it saved another unit from a hit, also boosting the Ant Miners health.

The Djinns roots, melee and magical damage took the Serpent of Eld down to two health and the start of round two was hot! It was time to burn and scorch! Time to counter with claws, Thorns and a rain of fire!

Roots... roots baby! Deadly roots for the Serpent of Eld and the Ice Pixies, as the Djinns are granting me wish after wish... all enemies must die!

WILL RAIN WITH FIRE WHEN I RISE! Shouted Djinn Inferni as he spreaded wild fire left, right and center.

Chwala died in glorious battle, honoring the glory of the ancestral djinns, dealing a last Roots damage! However, Inferni revenged his fallen djinn friend and dealt the final blow of the battle! BURN INSECT! BURN! See the full battle here!

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I have just joined the splinterland games hehe but I don't know how it works yet. But I am definitely getting down with it at least I have you to judge me around. I always admire the splinterlanders and their tales of victory....sure thing I would join in the loop too.

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