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Splinterlands Dilemma - Is the Regal Peryton a Hybrid Unicorn?

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4 weeks ago

Since I seen this creature I have one Splinterlands Dilemma ... is the Regal Peryton a hybrid unicorn? Did Rudolph had offsprings with an eagle? Did Pegasus had a love affair with any of Santa's reindeers?

The folklore says that the Regal Peryton is a beautiful creature tat prefer to live in the mountain regions of the Splinterlands. They will lurk in the forests, soar through the skies and use their magic to guard the nature.

The Regal Peryton is a rare Earth Splinter card that was added in the Chaos Legion add-on. Decent mana cost, only 5 mana points, and a set of skills that makes it a good monster in Obsidian's army.

It has 6 health points, 1 spell damage, 5 speed and the Flying ability. It is one of the first ones to attack and high chances to avoid attacks.

Obsidian will improve the Peryton spell damage, a strong summoner that focused on training her Earth magic. She grew resentful and started using obsidian to enhance the powers and she used the rage to destroy her village.

She and her apprentice vanished but her power caught the attention of Silus, who made her a close advisor and a Chaos Legion champion.

Obsidian is one of the most used summoners, and my level 2 gold foil is valued at 16.45 dollars.

An other top addition to Obsidian's army is the Mycelic Slipspawn.

It's an expensive cookie, costing 9 mana, but you get an armored beast in the front row. The Slipspawn starts with 10 Health Points, 2 Speed and 2 Magic Damage, improving the stats with every level. It becomes an super-tank, as it gain Forcefield and Slow.

Battle 1: Earth will rise ... Earth will Fall! Mana cap at 48 and Target Practice battle-rule, so all ranged and caster monsters will have the Snipe ability. Was the perfect scenario for a fully boosted Obsidian team!

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power to all friendly monsters

Grund: Melee, Tank, Beast ... with Double Strike

Mycelic Slipspawn: Tank with Taunt

Centauri Mage: 3rd Tank! Caster with Return Fire

Regal Peryton: Star Card - Caster with Flying

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal Tank

Goblin Tower: Ranged with Blast

Both teams under the Earth Splinter, my team having the spell damage boosted by Obsidian, while the opponent went for a summoner that reduces the armor. It was pointless as only the Goblin Tower had armor.

My Regal Peryton shoots and scores...the Princess is down! Multiple magical bolts are sent towards the opponent's monsters and two more are down. One round gone and I've taken down three enemies and didn't had any causalities.

It was Regal Peryton against Regal Peryton, as the two bests clashed their antlers. The overwhelming amount of magic was too much to handle for the opponents, and this battle ended after only two rounds. FLAWLESS VICTORY! See the full battle here!

Battle 2: Life Devouring Spells! Weak Magic battle-rule, with all spells hitting the armor before reducing the health! Who cares? I still went for a full team of boosted spell-casters, as the 30 mana cap gave me a wide range selection.

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power to all friendly monsters

Mycelic Slipspawn: Tank with Taunt

Failed Summoner: Off-Tank with Magic Reflect

Centauri Mage: 3rd Tank! Caster with Return Fire

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal Tank

Khimer Princes: Caster with Glowing Skin

I had to battle a team that was fortified by Mother Khala and Djinn Renova, plus extra armor from the Truth Speaker.

The Gargoya Scrapper was the first to fall, under heavy magical blows. The first round was all about destroying armor. My main tank was down in the second round, from the Pelacor Arbalest deadly double strike.

The enemy Chaos Knight replaced the Gargoya Scrapper and my Failed Summoner replaced the Slipspawn.

Round three had the Failed Summoner as the MVP, as he reflected two spells and made free damage on the Time Mage and Djinn Renova. Sadly, he couldn't handle the Arbalest and the Centauri Mage had to tank.

It was a well timed change, as the Centauri returned some damage into the Pelacor, thanks to the Return Fire ability. This battle is going heads-to-heads, with the opponent losing the second tank and now relying on Djinn Renova to take the blows.

It was the Centauri Mage that turned the tides of the battle in my favor, returning two ranged attacks on the Pelacor Arbalest, and getting healed back to 5 health points by the fat Goblin.

The Goblin Psychic took care of rejuvenating the Centauri mage health but also had the final blow on Djinn Renova.

Another double return fire on the Pelacor, as the Centauri Mage fell under the rain of arrows. The Goblin took off the Time Mage and we headed into Round Six with a little advantage in my favor.

Game. set and match in round six, as the Goblin healed himself and left the Pelacor Arbalest unguarded and unable to attack. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1119
4 weeks ago
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