Splinterlands Brawls, Little Leagues, Silver And A Hunger For Success

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3 months ago

It's been an amazing ride lately, conquering brawls and finally reaching Silver II in the wild play! I was knocking at the Silver II doors for months and always failed just before the finish line, but the Gladiator cards gave me the power for that last push! 

Went into berserker mode and there's no better way to win battle than brute force! Or maybe it is... but it's always fun to smash and crash! All the 32 Gladius card have the Bloodlust ability, earning +1 to all initially non-zero stats per defeated opponent. 

The new game changes helped me reach the Silver II ranking for the first time, and sweet sensation of sampling Splinterlands silver success was amazing! Why is this important? Because the higher you climb in the league... the more reward points and the better chests you can unlock.

The chests rewards during the next season will bring 0.8% more Legendary chances and an extra 2% chances on unwrapping gold foil cards! I didn't unwrapped a gold foil or a legendary for ages, so maybe August will bring some joy! 

It may be nothing... but I swapped Wild for Modern, tired of fighting crazy bots! It's definitely harder but more satisfyingly when you manage to link six wins. I managed to link ten losses but that's a story for another day!  

It may be nothing... but Katie is an OG over-powered magical beauty! Have you ever seen her at 9 health points and 6 magic damage? What about a brave knight with reach, 10 health points and 6 melee damage? Get into brawls now and enhance your deck! 

The progress is clear, and the amount of Gladiator cards keeps growing! I upgraded a lot of cards to level two, and some monsters are already at level three. There are some that I use more often, like Chimney Wallstop, Quora Towershed, Captain Katie or Marisol, but I like them all! It brings a chill every time I get a new card! 

Want to see a top brawl battle? It was entertaining even without any Gladiator cards! It's pointless 35 mana cap when the Little League battle-rule shows up, and Holy Protection plus Target Practice gives an extra twist. All monsters gain Divine Shield, while all Melee and Ranged will start the battle with the Snipe ability.

Tarsa: +1 Melee & +1 Health 

Exploding Rats: Melee with Blast

Antoid Platoon: Melee with Shield

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak

Scavo Firebolt: Ranged

Pyrewatch Devil: Ranged with Life Leech

Venari Marksrat: Ranged with Martyr

Everyone had Snipe and will target the first Ranged or Caster that's not in the first position, and I realized that the Venari Marksrat should have been placed where the Scavo Firebolt started the battle. One mistake that may cost me the game. 

My set up was weird at first sight, but the Explosive Rat as a tank was pure strategy. The other units will snipe around, hitting Divine Shields, while the Rats will blast around with efficiency. When the rats will be taken down, the Antoid Platoon will claim the tanking spot. 

My enemy went for a similar strategy, with Tarsa boosting the melee monsters. Using the Antoid Platoon in the last position was a good move, as Uraeus sneak attack was reduced by the Shield. The Exploding Rats lived enough to hit twice, destroying the Divine Shield of the ranged units. 

Took down the evil Scavo Firebolt, lost my tanking rats just before nuking the Xenith Archer, and the enemy retaliated by taking down my Scavo Firebolt. The battle was still undecided after the first two rounds, but having my Pyrowatch Devil at six health points was encouraging. 

Took a visible advantage after my opponent lost his Xenith Monk, even if his Venari Spellsmith was boosted by the Marksrat Martyr. My Antoid Platoon stood strong, and the wrong placement of the Marksrat didn't influenced the outcome of the battle! See the full battle here!

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3 months ago