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Splinterlands Battles - Should this stalker is called a Dhampir and not a Half-pir

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2 weeks ago
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The Dhampir Stalker is half vampire ... and then why is he not called a half-pire? This Blade copycat has a funny beard, but is faster and stronger than a human. Most of the half-pires have taken to a mercenary lifestyle, refusing to blend with either vampires or humans.

The Stalker is a true hunter, tracking the prey, feasting on their fear and then dispatching the target with a silent and perfectly-placed arrow from the shadows. The stalker lurks in the shadows and delivers deathblows.

This rare Death card can be a gamechanger, even if 7 mana may look expensive. The Dhampir starts with 5 health points, 2 speed, 3 ranged damage and the True Strike ability.

Will gain Deathblow at level 5 and can reach 7 health points and 5 ranged damage at maximal level.

It's a matter of Life and Death! Noxious Fumes, everyone gets poisoned, and only 28 mana cap made the team selection a bit difficult. I decided to get along with the poison and not dispel it, using Scavenger as a counter-move.

Contessa L'Ament: -1 Ranged Damage to enemy monsters

Undead Rexx - Tank with OP melee damage

Riftwing - Support unit with Flying and Scavenger

Dhampir Stalker - Ranged with True Strike

Silent Sha-Vi - Melee with Sneak

Live v Death sounds like a classic, as my opponent went for a team with boosted health. Mother Khala and Djinn Renova added 2 health points to the opponent units, and the Shieldbearer had healing support from the Crystalsmith. The only good news was that the Pelacor Arbalest double-strike was reduced to one damage.

Both tanks suffered heavy damage, but no deadly blows were delivered in the first round. Unlucky for me... the Shieldbearer got healed!

Round two was a power show-down, as the team managed to take the Shieldbearer to only one health. The Undead Rexx died again but the poison took care of the enemy tank as well. It was a good round for my Riftwing, scavenging extra health.

The Silent Sha-Vi battled bravely and took down one more enemy before returning into the Nightmare Realm. At the start of round 4 was all set for a poisonous death! Djinn Renova inhaled the noxious fumes for the last time, same as the Dhampir and the Sha-vi ... as the Riftwing scavenged and scavenged.

At the end can be only one ... said the Highlander theme song! The immortal in this battle was the mighty Riftwing, with a serious help from the Dhampir Halfpire. The True Strikes nuked down the opponents and the Riftwing grew it's health, as the poison casualities turned the battle into a festive meal. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1119
2 weeks ago
Topics: Splinterlands, Battle, Play2earn, SPS, Dec, ...
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