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Splinterlands Battle - The Angel of Life (and Death)

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6 days ago

Another week... another battle! This time we fly high with an winged Legolas, a Life unit that deals deadly damage. The Pelacor Arbalests are equipped with not one, but two powerful crossbows, enchanted to fire bolts at extremely long distances.

Death comes from above, as they are trained to wield a crossbow in each hand and fire both simultaneously with deadly accuracy. The skills are enhanced by the Pelacor's excellent eyesight and dexterity.

Make way for the flying sharpshooters ... the snipers from the clouds!

I knew I've seen this flying guy that shoots arrows somewhere else, and the light bulb clicked quickly! The Pelacor Arbalest is the true Warren Kenneth Worthington III, known as Archangel.

Will this avenging angel play an important part in the battle against the Chaos Legion? Will he stop the Apocalypse or swap sides (again!)

This guy can make serious damage, and for a rare Life creature... he can bring death! Only 6 mana for a double strike of 2 ranged damage feels cheap, damage enhanced to 6 when combined with General Sloan's ranged boost.

Only 2 Health Points but doesn't matter if he is protected by the Shieldbearer. It will gain Flying at level 5 and more speed when upgraded at maximal level. Fly high my Archangel! Bring havoc and doom!

The Avenging Angel! Many X-Man puns in this weekly challenge, and Rise of The Commons battle-rule made it feel like First Class. Only commons and rare monsters could be selected to fill the 21 mana cap, basically all the recruits of the Academy.

General Sloan: +1 Ranged Damage to friendly monsters

Shieldbearer: Tank with Taunt

Pelacore Arbalest: Ranged with Double Strike

Armorsmith: Support with Repair

Gargoya Scrapper: Dummy Target for Sneaky monsters

My opponent choose a Life team as well, boosted with health and healing. The plan was to keep alive the Shieldbearer for longer, while the Leech will hit the monsters behind the tank.

It didn't go as planned as my Shielebearer taunted all the attacks! The first round was all about grinding the tank's armor, for both teams.

Not much action unfolded in the second round either, as the armor repair and heals kept the tanks in good health. The Pelacor Arbalest hit hard both times, but the opponent's Shieldbearer took well the hits.

Perfect tank synergy, as both had 4 health points and 2 armor at the start of round four. However, it looks like the Apocalypse will be unleashed once any of the brave Shiledbearers will fall!

It didn't happened the following round, but the tides of the battle turned in my favor mid round five! Shieldwall battle like in The Last Kingdom, but my tank was quicker and slammed his matching opponent!

Not sure if it was to early to be happy, but it felt like it the tipping point of the battle. Everyone else now had a big bullseye on their back and the Arbalest was ready to pull the trigger!

Round 6 and the poor Scavo Hireling has no one to repair, and soon the Venari Crystalsmith will have no one to heal. My Shiledbearer is still up and kicking, with a renewable armor repair still active.

The whole article has the Pelacor Arbalest as a centre piece, and it was poetic that he delivered the winning blow! It is hard to award the star award to any monster, as the whole team won the game thanks to a fine tuned battle plan.

The countless armor repairs kept the tank alive, which taunted all the attacks and protected the Arbalest. My Angel of Death shoot arrow after arrow, clearing the table while making 21 damage throughout the battle. See the whole battle here!

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Written by   1093
6 days ago
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