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Splinterlands Battle Stories - The Ronin called Tenyii Striker

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1 month ago

This Splinterlands Battle Story starts hundreds of years ago, when legendary warriors created a legacy. The Tenyii were molded into ronin-samurai assassins and trained from birth. The Tenyii Clan are silent strikers.

You should never enrage a Striker as his Katana can land killing blows without any warnings. Watch your back as you will never hear a Tenyii sneaking on you.

When the Chaos Legion opened the rifts, a dozen Tenyii Strikers where sent to satisfy the herald's demand of sacrifice.

This Rare Fire unit costs 5 mana, and brings over-powered damage to the table. It has 6 Health Points, 2 Melee Damage, 2 Speed and the Sneak ability. I upgraded my one to level 2 for an extra Speed point, but is long way up to level 4 when it will gain Dodge.

I prefer the Tenyii Striker instead of Fineas Rage for two reasons, the cheaper mana price and the Sneak ability. Don't get me wrong, the ultra speed and extra HP are amazing, but often I need to deal strikes behind the tank and Fineas can't do that.

If it's fire ... then is Tarsa! I have this summoner upgraded to level two so my Fire monsters will be able to use their boosted levels. Also, one extra damage and one extra health point gives a good head-start in any battle.

Water cannot extinguish the Wild-Fire! I prepared the battle according to the 21 mana cap, and to gain maximal advantage from the two battle-rules. Heavy Hitters gave all monsters the Knock-Out ability, while Explosive Weaponry powered every monster with Blast!

Summoner - Tarsa: +1 Melee and +1 HP to all friendly monsters

Living Lava - Taunt with Shield

Scorch Fiend - Ants Shield from Blast

Ant Miners - Melee with Scavenger

Tenyii Striker - Melee with Sneak

Uraeus - Melee with Sneak

Survive and Blast was my tactic. I choose two monsters with Sneak to hit behind the tank, and used the Scorched Fiend as a shield for the ants. Why? To give the Ant Miners time to grow the health they reach a fighting position.

The opponent went for a Magical Water team, with enhanced magical damage. Djinn Oshannus was chosen to defend against magic but no luck for him. The Djinn will get healing support from the Crustacean King and extra armor from the Wavesmith.

Round One was a test of strength, with lot of damage. As expected, the Scorch Fiend took a bullet for the team, but his sacrifice was worth it... as the enemy healer was nuked.

Lost the Living Lava but the Ants Miners where strong enough to face the magic. Uraeus and the Tenyii Striker hit behind the tank and cleared the floor. The Ants went up to 4 HP, enough to survive another Djinn magic bolt. It's 3 against one now and time to deal the final blow!

The Ant Miners survived enough but missing a strike on the Djinn almost changed the outcome of the battle. Luckily enough the Tenyii Striker sword didn't missed again and ended the battle. Water cannot extinguish the Wild-Fire! See the full battle here!

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Written by   1094
1 month ago
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