Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets - Odd Mycels Out

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Greetings Splinterlands Summoners! The classic weekly battle challenge retired to make way for the Battle Mage Secrets series, making it more entertaining. This new set-up adds a focus on dynamic strategies, as players will be able to choose from a greater selection of more diverse units to bring into battle.

Let's enjoy the Odd Ones Out ruleset, where only units with odd mana costs may be used. This makes the team setup focus on creating a team with mixed abilities, as they take precedence when targeting. Please note that summoners are not affected by this rule.

This battle-rule is always weird, as the selection pool is halved. I have standard sets of cards that I play depending on the mana, but using only odds or even cards keeps messing up the team synergy.

I choose to take on the challenge with an Obsidian powered team, with a focus on magic monsters. Mycels to the rescue, as the Slipspawn and Morphoid where used in the battle.

The Slipspawn is one of my favorite tanks, and it gets overpowered at level four. Why? It gains the Forcefield ability and takes only one damage from attacks with five or more power!

According to the lore, it was first found on the edges of the swamps of Praetoria, in areas where the fetid waters meet with the forests and jungles. This fungi behemoth is highly toxic and death is uncommon for those who touch its fibrous body! The side effects of its toxins can cause a long list of illnesses and disease, leaving its victims severely debilitated.

When the chaos portal opened and the creeping plague started spreading in the world, the Slipspawn struggled to endure! It was intolerant to the deadly pandemic, but found a savior in Queen Mycelia. She touched the Slipspawn as she passed it by and it drank from her power, pulling it's roots free from the ground and eagerly danced across the leafy forest floor after her!

Odd Mycels Out! No odd mana cards for this battle, but not a big difference from the standard magical team. I usually have the Goblin Psychic as a healer, which was replaced by the Scavo Technomancer.

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power

Mycelic Morphoid: Melee with Thornes

Mycelic Slipspawn: Caster with Taunt

Scavo Technomancer: Caster with Blast

Creeping Ooze: Support with Slow

Regal Peryton: Caster with Flying

I had to face a scaled fire team, with the fire elementals boosted with dragon armor. The Regal Peryton was set in the last position to maximize the flying ability against melee sneak attacks, and the gamble nearly paid off.

It's funny that the Living Lava couldn't handle the heat! First one down and a moral boost for my team. The Mycelic Morphoid done the dirty job with Thornes damage, and took of the Radiated Scorcher.

I made a minor mistake with the Slipswpans, as two monsters got hit by the Blast damage from the Fire Elemental. Was hard to predict the presence of an unit with Blast, and this didn't had a huge impact on the outcome of the fight.

The Slipspawn went down to one health, same as the Scavo Technomancer. They both got hit by the Blast, but my turn for glory came quickly. The Technomancer delivered a precise hit, dealing enough damage to take down the Fire Elemental and the Serpentine Spy. See the whole battle here!

What went well? The team had a strong synergy and the summoner boost made the difference. The armor of the enemy was neglected, helping me to claim the victory after only two rounds.

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