Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Tides or War are Tied to Tridown

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The naval expedition into the forgotten islands of the Splinterlands may be the key to defeat the Chaos Legion, and the tides or war are tied to Tridown!

Nerissa Tridawn has Jaina Proudmoore vibes! Both are smoking hot even if both are water mages. Nerissa is a proud warrior of the water, a protector of seas, rivers and lakes.

She uses her enchanted trident to fight the great sea beasts and rescues sailors from death. She was born and raised by the ocean, and could swim before she could walk. Nerissa learned The Way of Water and used the sea calling and magic to protect her beloved Praetoria against the Chaos Legion.

Nerissa Tridawn is an epic Water card from the Chaos Legion expansion pack, and one of the most powerful casters. It's a pricy sugarbabe, costing 9 mana, but she delivers through stats.

The card has no abilities, and will gain none through upgrades, but can rise to 11 Health Points and 5 Magic Damage!

"Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea"

"Beware," I heard him cry.

His words carried upon the ocean breeze,

As he sank beneath the tide.

Water is the essence of Life! I decided to stick to the weekly battle challenge at all costs, even if 19 mana cap and Lost Legendaries battle-rule was killing the vibes.

Kelya Frendul: +1 Speed and +1 Armor to friendly monsters

Hardy Stonefish: Fishy Tank

Nerissa Tridawn: OP Caster

Venari Wavesmith: Caster with Protect

My leap of faith was rewarded, as I had to battle a Life Splinter team that went for Health and Armor. Water is the essence of Life, but water can also bring death.

The Celestial Harpy was quickly taken down by Nerissa, as the Truthspeaker armor was useless. My main question is ... why was the Pelacor Arbalest set in the second position? What a dire mistake!

The Arbalest had the same fate as the Harpy, and the Chaos Agent followed both on the bottom of the sea. My army was still undamaged half-way through the third round and I was right ... the tides or war are tied to Tridown!

Nerissa had sniper stats, with 4 kills from 4 shots! She added the Gargoya Scrapper on the trophy list, and it looks like she could handle the whole battle alone. Hot and lethal!

Stitch Leach down and 5 from 5 from Nerissa. The Truthspeaker wasn't spared, and went down in round 6, as Tridown made the 6th victim. FLAWLESS VICTORY! See the full battle here!

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