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Splinterlands Battle Challenge - The Temporal Master said ... You shall not pass!

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3 weeks ago

Just a normal day in the Splinterlands, as the Temporal Master plays with the fabric of time. It's no point to go back and forward as the training always ends with time manipulation. Does it mean he had extra training or this time doesn't count as work?

The Temporal Master is an Epic Life card added with the Chaos Legion add-on, with the Recharge ability. I didn't had this card so I had to hit the market for a cheap buy.

The card is not very expensive, but it may become a financial effort to upgrade it to higher levels. I paid $0.27 for my level 1 Temporal Master and I was ready to rumble!

The Temporal Masters are playing with the horologe, as they can shift the time by force of will. They can replay time and erase the damage brought by the Chaos Legion

The card is cheap, only 3 mana, and brings a 2 Health Point, 2 Speed and 1 Magic Damage into the battle. Will do 3 damage every other round, due to the Recharge ability... and will gain Stun at level six.

You can't burn me twice ... as I master TIME! Was time for a quick battle, with no special rules and only 12 mana cap! Was time to use the Temporal Master to run around the clock and win!

Mother Khala: +1 health to all friendly monsters

Chaos Knight: Tank with Shield

Temporal Master: Caster with Recharge

Playing against Tarsa is always a pain, as the extra Melee can deal serious damage to low health monsters. This time I was prepared and the Chaos Knight ability nulified Tarsa's summoner power.

The Temporal Master charged in the first round, while the radiated dude made only minimal damage.

Let's go to the second round, where a fully charged Temporal Master delivers a deadly blow and makes the Living Lava step-up to the front raw. The fire elemental took a swing and destroyed the Chaos Knight's armor.

The time fiddler charged in the third round while the Chaos Knight took care of the last bit of armor. The Living Lava hit hard and left my tank with 3 health.

The next round started with a powerful blow of magic and a shield bash, which left the opponent tank at 3 health

The Living Lave focused all the hatred, rage and fire into a deadly blow! The Chaos Knight was down, and the Temporal Master was unprotected in front of the hulking fire beast...

But you can't burn me twice... as I control the time. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! said the Temporal Master... as his staff exploded in purple lights! I am still amazed that a 2 monster battle went into six rounds! See the full battle here!

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Written by   1119
3 weeks ago
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