Splinterlands Battle Challenge - Baba Yaga and the Windeku Tree House

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The Cursed Windekus weren't always ... cursed! The nightmarish creatures that live in the deepest and darkest woods become cursed when the legendary Baba Yaga took them as companions. The horror started in the woods... and will have no mercy for weaklings!

Baba Yaga is the supernatural being who appears as a deformed and ferocious old woman. She lives deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs, but that house is a huge Windeku.

They were chosen for their nocturnal adaptability to hunting, stalking their prey before attacking with their claws. The victims will be paralyzed by the pheromone that reduces the reaction time.

The Cursed Windeku was added in the Chaos Legion patch, and quickly become one of the favorite tanks in the game. The rare Death Splinter card costs 6 mana, and has 9 health points, 2 melee damage and 3 speed. It starts with Thorns and will earn Heal and Slow when upgraded.

Baba Yaga? This is just another name that the dark witch Contessa L'ament used throughout history! The name brings chills and she can absorb the light from all around. She wears a white mask so none can see her face, a mask which cries a single tear! You better avoid the dark woods, or you will become ... lunch!

Beware ... beware ... the house on chicken legs! Baba L'ament, or Contessa Yaga is ready for a bloodbath, using limited mana to assemble a deadly team! The game is on and the Melee Mayhem will allow another heavy hitter to attack since round one!

Contessa L'ament: -1 Ranged to all enemies

Cursed Windeky: Tank with Roots/House with chicken legs!

Undead Rexx: Hungry Melee/Heavy Hitter

The opponent set an anti-magic team, with a Cursed Windeku defending the other melee monsters. The Undead Rex and my Chicken-Legged House were a devastating combo, and the enemy lost his Cursed Windeku in the first round!

It got even better in the second round, as the Undead Badger and the Silent Sha-vi were trapped in the deep woods. Was game over before it even started! See the full battle here!

Baba Yaga never breaks a promise. Legs, yes. Hearts, occasionally. But never a promise

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