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Splinterland Weekly Battle Challenge - The really rude dragon that spits!

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1 month ago

This week we are moving from the Outlands, nagas and World of Warcraft to dragons, mighty fire spitting dragons! It' all about the Fire Spitter, the dragon ... not about Spitfire, the fighting airplane!

The Fire Spitter is an epic card what can be obtained as a reward. This Dragon type card costs 4 Mana and 6 Health Points, with 4 Speed and 2 Ranged Attack. The basic ability is Flying and will gain Dodge at level 6.

I wasn't fortunate enough to receive this card as a reward so I had to do the usual "borrow 24 hours" from my brother @H3ruvim78 . I am fortunate to have someone who plays for a longer time, has better cards and more experience! Once I had the Fire Spitter in my deck, I headed to the Arena, to scorch some opponents.

The Gods of Random chose a 20 Mana Limit fight with Explosive Weaponry Ruleset. As all the monsters will have the Blast ability, will be a matter off who has a faster set up and will hit first. I chose the Drake of Arnak as summoner for 1 extra Armor Point, an easy choice as this one is my only dragon summoner. My choice of splinter was Water as the strategy I created around the Fire Spitter involved a strong tank and fast Ranged Damage.

Team set up and game strategy: Serpent of Eld: Main tank with Dodge. The Fire Spitter will do fast ranged damage.

Furious Chicken: Used in second position as a barrier between the Serpent and the ranged monsters. The Water Elemental was left in the last position as he has Healing and will absorb more damage. The Chicken was the first one to fall, at the end of Round 1. However, the enemies are already heavy damaged from Blast.

Fineas Rage and the Living Lava where taken down by the same hit from the Serpent of Eld, and from here was an easy ride.

The Round 3 was the final blow. My strategy was advantaged by the Explosive Weaponry ruleset as my monsters where quicker and dealt more damage before the opponent turn. See the full battle here


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Written by   426
1 month ago
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