Splinteforge Play2Earn - Global Raids for Splinterlands Player

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I discovered a new Play2Earn game last week ... Splinterforge! This game reminds me of Global Raid Bosses on World of Warcraft, as any player can join the battle against over-powered monsters. Every damage inflicted to the boss will be deducted from the total HP, and the fight goes on until he/she is dead. 

Earn rewards for fighting bosses ... but wow it works? The cards owned in Splinterlands can be used in the Splinterforge game, and the team of monsters and summoners are led into battle by a "Hero". You can name your hero, go for warrior or wizard, and enhance his skills with items and artifacts.

The hero dashboard has ... Heroes of Might and Magic vibes! You can collect powerful equipment, gear, weapons, magical gems and runes to upgrade your heroes!

Each boss has different abilities, and the players will earn Forgium ($FORGE) for fighting bosses.  The top 100 heroes on the leaderboard when the boss finally falls will earn extra rewards.

The four boss battles available when I discovered the game were Death, Talgris, Mighty Chicken and Blagor. I started with Death, as it looked the easiest one to challenge in Mortal Kombat! 

My hero had 45 mana, which must be used to chose two summoners and maximum seven monsters. The level of the summoners doesn't matter, and the abilities will merge and given to the whole team. Let's say you go for Tarsa for one extra Melee Power and one extra HP, and Mother Khala for one more HP, the whole team will have the life boosted with two points and one melee attack power.

You will get the cards for both summoners, so it's wiser to select two different splinters. I went for OP melee damage in my first battle, with a mix of Fire and Water. I did 127 damage and received 127 points, plus 1.9 FORGIUM and 2.00 ELECTRUM.

Each battle required 45 energy from my total of 200, recovering at 1 energy point per minute. Next time I logged I noticed the energy was increased to 500, meaning that a full recharge will take 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Death was soon ... dead! The top 100 players received big bags of $FORGE, from 30,000 down to 2,500 tokens. It's good to be early in the game, as my feeling is that the prizes will get nerfed when the game goes mainstream.

I ended on the 145th place and far from the prize pool, and I had no chance to catch up even with many more battles. New boss was added and I started grinding for the top places. Used all the energy, waited to recover and battled again. The boss was down in approximately one day and I still couldn't challenge the top spots.

I finished 127th, with 3800 points, while the 100th player had over 5000 points in less battles then me. It's easy to understand that Splinterlands OGs have better cards and will deal more damage per battle, which killed my hype. No matter how well I will calculate my battles, I will never get into the top 100 places. 

Gave it another try on a fresh boss and all I managed was to go up to the 159th place in 17 battles. Mission impossible as the top 100 is above 3000 points for far less battles than me.

There are no rewards for casual players, no way to improve then to buy chests, and no progress for those outside top 100. Shall I play a bit more to see if anything changes or stop wasting my time with Splinterforge?

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