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Saturday Sarcasm on Monday #17 - FFS FTX

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Meme, Ftx, Blockfi, Crash, Crypto news, ...

What a week... what a year! How are we still mentally fit? ... and when I say "we" I mean all the multiple voices in my head. I am always worried when they are quiet... for sure they are planning something. Speaking about planning something ... it looks like CZ plans to claim the Iron Throne! It will be silly not to talk about FTX ... FFS ... they  managed to crash crypto again! 

CZ has some Lannister pride, but plays dirty games like Littlefinger! He could be Father of Dragons as he unleashed Drakaris on FTX, gave them a helping hand then chopped off the head!  Tell them CZ ... Tell them to never use your own token as collateral and never borrow! 

Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love. Illusion. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

Sam had to accept the crypto-exile and headed to The Wall, hoping that the White Walkers will not eat him alive. Again CZ done some dirty work and stabbed Sam in the back, as a result of corporate due diligence! Or maybe because of the mishandled customer funds and US investigations? Is Sam any different then Alex or Kwon-Do?

CZ recreated the Red Wedding...  Hey Sam ...  due diligence sends it's regards! ... and this is the story of FTX .. as it headed towards oblivion. Who suffers from the aftermaths of the FTX fall? The crypto bros suffer... as everything dived by at least 20-30%. Solana was hit hard, USDT looks as dodgy as ever, while all the Cryptoverse is in shambles. 

Come join us SAM! - Mashinsky and the lads! 

The Butterfly Effect then hit BlockFi, as they provided a transparent and empathic "we stopping withdrawals you MF'ers". Looks like they seen the news on Twitter, like common people!  

I have friends that like to trade, and this volatility was heaven for them! Some told me their profit was not so good ... but ffs dude how are you in profit with everything that happened?

However, even in hard times ... I am a crypto guru! Random people DM on socials to ask for advice. Who does that? Who DMs a random stranger to ask about investment opportunities when everyone is crashing? But more important ... how can you check DYOR and think it's a coin with good potential?

This Marshmallow reminded me of the strange special edition Coke I tried on the pumpkin patch. It was a Marshmallow limited drink, with watermelon and strawberry flavor. It was weird! 

FTX may lead to more bad stuff, so make sure you keep strong and don't try to flip a dying crypto. Trust me as I tried to take advantage of the Binance deal rumors and got a bag of $FTT under 4 dollars. The plan was to buy the rumor and sell the news, and it went all good for a while! 

CZ twitted about the non-binding deal and the $FTT value went up by 50% in an hour. However, I didn't sold the peak and I had to watch as it dived to $3 over night. I had to call a day and sold the next pump, for a small loss! Don't try to do magic with dying crypto, don't try to outsmart the market... THE HOUSE ALWAYS WIN!

Overline Network keeps innovating... with treats and ōCash as rewards for daily login. If you didn't claim your Free Overline NFT ... you can still do it and if you did... don't ignore the daily gifts as they can land some good companions and structures. I just noticed that Generation 3 Lands are now being generated, and only my 2 Genesis Lands are revealed and I can build on them.

The ōLand represents a form of ownership in the  Overline's wireless network, where the ōLand owners will receive crypto rewards from wireless activity that passes through the router devices that are working in the 1.67 acre plots of ōLand. Not sure how this will unwrap, but I am confident it will be better than FTX!

I hope that Overline Network will do at least better then Pegaxy, where the new changes made me lose all the scholars. Having 8 pretty horses that are complete useless, and how could I sell for 5-10 dollars when I bought my initial two for $860 each? FFS PEGAXY... you are as bad as FTX! 

Just remember "after every storm there is a rainbow"! This means that 2022 owes me a box of rainbows after the LUNA crash, the Beanstalk hack, Celsius, Holdnaut and Infinity Skies bankruptcy and many other tragic events. However, I am sharing with you my British rainbow and hope your day will be as good as pancakes with maple syrup. 

To keep it positive, I just found out I have some crypto on a chain that I didn't explored yet! I have ETHW on their own chain, after the Merge! I have 0.392 ETHW in there and it's completely useless! 

Maybe this week is a perpetual Halloween, and FTX is just a part of this horror show! How did you spent Halloween? I carved so many fancy pumpkins that people were taking pictures of my house! 

My costume was lame, a zombie Robin on steroids. My first idea was to dress as a crypto bro, and tell people to buy DOGE, but Elon was quicker! FFS Elon, you are as bad as Sam and CZ! 

It's time for Humble Tractors, and I am letting you know that the KPI options are now redeemable on UMAverse at 0.5 USDC per KPI token. There are 38 Humble Tractors NFTs still available on Opensea, with a discounted price at $21 ... thanks to FTX!

Breaking News! I minted the Humble Tractors - Hey! collection -  a little spin-off that I created to reward those that supported my social experiment. Basically ... it's pure harvest... as you put your tractor to work and you get a good stack of hey. There are only 36 unique NFTs , which were distributed to Humble Tractors holders and as prizes for PVM Entertainment and Leisure competitions. The airdrop left only 12 Hey! NFTs available on the market, at only $4.20 per piece.

I can bet some $FTT and some $LUNC that you thought I will not bore you to death with my screen time! You are wrong as here it's week 44 of the cursed 2022, with Chrome and Discord as my top used apps. That stupid Facebook is still in top 3 and makes me think that someone else spends time on FB when I am not! 

We talk about chasing the dreams, living the passion in your soul, friendships, love... all with a big dose of sarcasm! However, today I say again ... FFS FTX! Check the other articles from the Sarcasm Saturday series and enjoy the weekend!

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Written by   1119
2 weeks ago
Topics: Meme, Ftx, Blockfi, Crash, Crypto news, ...
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