Sarcasm Wednesday for 2023 - My New Year Resolutions and Goals

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Hope you all had an wonderful end of year and the new one started with positive vibes! I honestly have big expectations and is no chance that this year will be as bad as the last one!

Episode #22 of Sarcasm Saturday ... first one of 2023! It's time for new year resolutions, new goals and memes! I am ready to go the long way so ... BRING IT ON 2023!

This will be a bit of free flow, as I got a cup of tea and a lot to write about what it was and what will be. This year starts with an attitude of gratitude! I met many top people last year, and I evolved thanks to them! Cheers for success, DAOs and Web3! Cheers to all my friends from club1_bch, the mighty SuperUmans,  AcrossProtocol  peeps, the PoolTogether poolers and the CRE8RDAO OGs!

My plan for 2023 is to be at maximal level for 365 days, to be stronger, better, ruthless. I will surf through this year in Beast Mode! It's not a coincidence that I got this NFT from ArtistByron! BEAST MODE ON! LFG! WAGMI!

We all know that 2022 was a bad year, and we survived. Now is time to dust off and start building, it's time to grow and evolve! I said it's free flow and I will keep adding stuff as I write. This may be my first article written without a plan. Was 2022 worst then the Covid plagued 2020? Time will tell!

We all suffered great losses due to hacks, bankruptcy and shady people but we are still here! If you are reading this ... you are a survivor. I can tell you about 2018, and that 2022 was worst, but will make no difference to what happened. The focus should be on what we want to happen next. The focus must be on how WE GONNA MAKE IT! 

It's hard to make plans and set goals, because I feel that I achieved what was achievable. Then... I must plan and achieve the unachievable! I don't go to bed at 2 AM to wake up and lose! I don't get up day by day at 6:30 AM to fail! Who I want to be tomorrow? The guy that didn't give up yesterday! 

I wanted to build an empire, a community that will change the world's pre-conceptions about crypto ... and I failed. When something fails to fulfill the desired potential, the leader is to blame. Is this 100% accurate? Maybe for football teams, monarchy, businesses and projects, but for the era of DAOs, DeFi and Web3 this is not accurate anymore. 

Some up and left, some vanished, some ghosted everyone... but I kept going. Sailed the boat even when the crew got smaller and smaller, and I am still sailing this boat alone! A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor... and as @ThomasWolf said... we are pirates! 

Did I failed as a leader? No... I learned that I am a lion not a wolf. A wolf needs a pack, while a lion are alpha predators. The lion has no owner, he is his own master. As long as the lion lives, he lives on his principles, lives on his own. 

I don't want to give up my dreams just because someone said "this is impossible", and I am hungry for success. I am coming for everything that they said I would never have! 

They "up and left" sums it up! It will happen everywhere, as everyone wants to be in a better place. Everyone wants a better job, a better car, a better tomorrow... but not everyone it's grateful for opportunities or for the doors that were open for them. Some will get scared to go trough the open door, some will go and will lock it behind. 

The same story with goals, some will be achieved and some will not. The difference is made by the way we adapt the goals and start again. I had big dreams for 2022 and most were crushed in early stages, but I kept going! 

What goals I had for 2022? Was the year a good one or a bad one? Crypto wise was a nightmare, as I lost 90% of my portfolio. Generally ... it wasn't as bad. I lost money, but I earned some back. I was knocked hard many times, but I refused to lay flat on the canvas. I got up and moved forward.

The big boys lost a lot as well, and more will go bust in 2023, but this is cycle. The lost crypto wealth in 2022 reached 116 billion, and that's the whales shares. What I lost are not even crumbles from the big boys breakfast.

I ended up the year with two generous donations for Water Wells for Africa and Save the Children. The 230 USDC where raised by auctioning the 10 AI generated tractors, and donating the sales volume. Good things happen even during bear market.

But what are my plans for 20-23? What goals are being re-evaluated and tackled this year and what goals are being scrapped? You probably expect to see big numbers, achievements and crypto glory... but 2023 will be about being the best version of myself. I plan to be healthy and active, efficient and hard working. 

I done 683.8 kilometers in my training, and the plan for this year is to do at least 684. I wanted to mint the Humble Tractors collection ... and I ended up with 3 collections under the #ProofOfTractor concept. 

I wanted to publish for 1000 consecutive days and I've completed the task in 2022. This year I want to extend the streak to 1111 days and then we can re-evaluate. I wanted to spend my time more efficiently and reduce the wasted hours on Facebook ... and I've done it! Facebook was out of my top 3 used apps in each week of December.

Therefore this is the list of things I want to achieve in 2023: earn, sell and grow! I want to sell all the Humble Tractor NFTs, share all the Humble Tractors - Hey! rewards and use the remaining  AI 4 Charity for another charitable event. I sold 25 out of 60 Humble Tractors so I have only half of job to do, while only 4 out of 10 AI 4 Charity NFTs are available for purchase. 

Cryptocurrencies and portfolio upgrades? I want to get rid of dead weight and shitcoins, and to add some top assets in my bag. I want to hold the Across ($ACX) tokens for at least 100 days for maximal APR, to earn 1 ETH and reach round numbers for other assets. I have 15 Elrond Gold ($eGLD) in my Maiar Wallet and I plan to reach 20 eGLD by the end of 2023, I have 19 ZEN and I want to double them or even go up to 40 ZEN this year! 

I want to be a good DAO member, a top creator and to make a positive impact in all the projects I am involved. I want to reach 100 followers on Medium and be eligible for earnings. This may be the first goal to be completed as the December stats are promising. 

Another goal is to upgrade the perks on my Plutus Card and stake then $PLU for extra rewards. Plutus offers 3% cashback for every purchase, and extra rewards from perks. Read all 'bout it in The Plutus Card Part 2 - Crypto Earnings and Opportunities

Health wise, there are no clear goals or New Year resolutions. I want to have a healthier sleep patter, drop down the spice level of the food, no Coke and less fizzy drinks, no energy drinks and more love for myself. 

It's hard to admit but I am getting older, long are the days of all-night drinking and parties. I am tired and I noticed that I have adverse reactions to Coke and RedBull. I didn't had any of them, or any energy drinks, since July 2022 and wasn't to hard. You may know I loved my Monster drinks but I had to move on ... was heartbreaking but Monster had to go. Monster deserve someone better! 

December had a touch of frost, and some extra weight. I am now back to 110 kg and the plan is to go down to at least 99.99 by New Years Eve, and maintain it. Not a hard goal, as I have to lose 1 kilogram per month. How I will do it? Try to avoid food after 8 PM, eat less sweets and train more.

I think this is it! Set my goals and targets, thinking about how I will achieve them. There is always a story behind the glory! There is blood, sweat and tears until you hold in your hands what you seen in your heads! 

I want to explore new chains and my DeFi journey continued on Cosmos,. There I discovered the OKC Network, an EVM and IBC compatible Layer-1 that offers high scalability with low fees, high performance and interoperability. Success is guaranteed, as the OKC Network is backed by OKX, the world's 2nd largest crypto exchange by trading volume. Join OKX if you wish, as the ecosystem is thriving!

Overline Network announced the launch of their own blockchain, with airdrops for those who spent oCash before the snapshot. You can still claim the free NFTs and get oCash daily. Log in for 10 days and you will get enough cash to buy a treat and build something on your land. Any 2023 targets? Maybe have 50 plots of Overline lands and at least 20 of them upgraded with structures.

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You definitely didn't fail as a leader. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink it ;) You helped and educated many along the way and that is never lost. Pack fell apart? I'm sure you suspected this will happen when the bears come ;)

Great goals for 2023 though! 50 overland plots? That's a lot 😁

Have the best 2023 PVM 💙

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1 year ago

Well... you read well between the lines 😆 I have no doubt that 2023 will be great! (Judt reached 52 plots)

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1 year ago

Haha, that's my witchy eye ;)

52?! How on Earth do you do this Paul?!

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1 year ago

Just write about stuff and things come along :D

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1 year ago

Awesome! Maybe you need to change your 2023 goal to 100 plots then 😉

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1 year ago

go for wilder 2023!

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1 year ago

2023 will be awesome

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1 year ago