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Sarcasm Wednesday #9 - The Perpetual Market Downfall

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1 week ago

It started as a market correction and it continued as a bear market spell. However, it didn't stopped and the spell morphed into a proper crypto crash. Months later, we are still at extreme panic and many paper hands already bought high and sold low. 

Catwomen told this to Batman: There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us! This is what happened during the perpetual bear market ... we got beaten badly! The DeFi summer was non-existent and all that's left ... are shitcoins! How many you own? 

This is me trying to outrun a storm ... a real one storm! I managed to drive quicker than lightning and thunder, only to be hit by another crypto storm. Holdnaut bankrupt, Celsius bankrupt, Infinity Skies bankrupt... who's next?

Buy the dip, they said! Will be fun, they said! Do you know that the bear market can make you a crypto millionaire? The criteria is to be a billionaire at the start!

If you are a bit psycho, like me, you will find serial killer documentaries as a good replacement for bed-time stories. However, watching the crypto chart can develop proper nightmares and insomnia.

Bitcoin dipped badly, as bad as you dip your nachos into salsa. It went down to $19,000 and recovered on Friday, but still shows signs of instability. The Fear & Greed factor is still at Extreme Fear so DYOR before any investments.

The perpetual bear market is bad for crypto investors, but the dollar's decline is worst. The purchasing power of the US dollar fallen sharply over the last century, and if USD was a cryptocurrency ... would fail to pass every single audit. One McDonalds coffee for what could buy 10 bottles of beer in 1933! You do the maths and tell me why fiat is better then crypto!  

Seen this motivational sticky note, saying "Just remember 5 years ago, you dreamed about where are you now!" Good stuff, if I ignore the fact that 5-6 years ago I had 3.6 Bitcoins. I never dreamed to go down to 0.05 BTC back then but looks like I achieved this without big efforts!

However, there are cryptocurrencies that are doing really well! Bitcoin Cash gained 15% in the last days and shows a rejuvenation. It can be because of the announcement for a new noisecash app or just a positive market correction? Bitcoin Cash is sound money, and one of the most used P2P cryptocurrencies, so maybe we are heading the right direction.

There are daily opportunities to earn some crypto, and Patch is doing a 500 followers giveaway! Comment on the post and give him a follow for a chance to be one of the 4 users winning $5 worth of crypto. The competition is open for entries until 12th of September!

Imagine playing Monopoly only to go past go and collect the $200 for the new round. Imagine that this is how most people live their life, working a whole month to pay the bills. Is this routine as perpetual as the bear market, but their is hope beyond the darkness. We are all still early into the Cryptoverse, we are here to take advantage of early opportunities and build a better future. I am not saying we will become Elons, but we have the chance to grow a portfolio that will give at least some financial stability.

This thing is getting out of control.... 10 hours and 39 minutes screen time per day is insane! I spent 74 hours on my mobile and my issue is again with Facebook, as those 8 hours were non productive.

The "Merge" is coming but Vitalik was ready for it since last week. Dude was always weird and having a hard one in a picture is basically part of his "normality". Long live the Nerd-Supreme ... the inventor of big fee transactions!

This is on Polygon so don't worry about gwei when buying a Humble Tractor. Holding one will add you in the raffle for 50 KPI options, which will be redeemed for either 25 or 50 $USDC. I am basically giving cashback to one of the holders, with 50 KPI options to be distributed after the 15th of September. The HumbleTractors collection is the first ever NFT collection to use KPI options. The KPI will expire on the 31st of October and the value of each token will be between 0.5 and 1 USDC, depending on the sales volume.

You could earn either money back or double the money. Every NFT gives one raffle ticket for the  HumbleTractor 50 KPI tokens draw. The snapshot will be taken on the 15th of September, during the ETH Merge!

The future is multi-chain, the future is Play2Earn! The second season of the Club1BCH UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football has started, and the prize pool is already 0.5 BCH! It's still time to join and show your football managerial skills! 

The participation fee is 0.05 BCH and the prize pot will be shared between the top 4 managers. The winner will receive 45% of the pot, the runner-up will receive 25%, with 15% for the third place and 5% for the manager that will finish the season on the 4th place. The above prizes will add up to 90%, so guess where the remaining 10% will go? The remaining amount of BCH will go to charity, through The Giving Block 

There are peculiar mindsets required to be a crypto bro! You are either a HODLer or a degen, you invest after DYOR and hold for years or you ape into meme coins and pray for 100x profit. If you had a bad week, or you just want to giggle... check the other articles from the Sarcasm Saturday series:

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Written by   1093
1 week ago
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I missed this one, cause it wasn't on Saturday ;)

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Had a bad Saturday

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Oh no! Hope you're ok x

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