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Sarcasm Sunday #17 - You may call it soccer but it's FOOTBALL!

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1 week ago

The Biggest Sport Event Of The Year Has Started! The Qatar 2022 Football World Cup started at ... with Qatar v Ecuador! Can we add some sarcasm into the event? Definitely!

The 1st match of the controversial World Cup takes place at the Al Bayt Stadium on Sunday afternoon, with the host competing on the biggest international stage for the first time in their history.

Football is coming home! Come'on lads! It's coming home for Christmas! But are the Three Lions Lads as good as the Lionesses? England had chance at the draw and got an easy group with Iran, USA and Wales. The real challenge will start in the play-offs!

Hopefully there will be less eventful games then Boca Juniors v Racing Club, where the referee sent off 10 players! May the World Cup bring joy to football fans and something else to focus except the crypto winter. Forget about FUD, FTX, Celsius, Sam, Mashinsky and other clowns and let's enjoy watching Messi, Ronaldo and the other stars! 

Lots of contradictory and debatable events happened before the start tournament, about human rights, LGBT, rainbow armbands, alcohol usage in an Islamic state, and many more! Let's forget about all that end enjoy football (or soccer as some of you guys call it). At the end of the day ... it's all horseplay!

Hopefully this tournament will help us decide who's the GOAT! Will Messi help Argentina re-gain the World's crown or will Ronaldo lead Portugal to new heights? I want to see fresh blood and Mbappe, Neymar or Nunez writing history!

Speaking about writing history... this guy is a legend! He got a beer from all the 32 countries playing at the World Cup. Send the bear to sleep and light up with a beer! I would go for an Antarctica or a Quilmes!

Speaking about beers... Qatar banned alcohol consumption just two days before the start of the World Cup, including the Budweiser official beer of the tournament! THIS IS AWKWARD! 

Kucoin Football World Cup Carnival

The Kucoin Football World Cup is one of the events that will share a considerable amount of crypto to all the participants! The World Cup Carnival brings together Kucoin , YGG SEA, Polygon Studios and WinGoal ... to share $1,000,000 worth of prizes! There are 4 events and many side quests that can enhance the wins ... and the first step is to click the "Join Now" button below to participate in this event! 

The participants are invited to share $MLS airdrops, earn free NFTs, win World Cup merchandise, tickets and a slice of the prize pool. The Giveaway for MSL prizes is still live for few hours, with Twitter related tasks. The prize pool is 80,000 $MLS tokens, worth over $72,000! The game is free to play and the participants can earn more entries as they complete more tasks. Glem Giveaway:

You can chose your favorite football icon and send him your blessing. Those who complete the task will receive a WinGoal NFT for free, worth $10 per NFT. I will go for Messi ... because he will be to old to participate at another World Cup. Send Blessings: WinGoal Games 

The Kucoin World Cup Carnival Game will invite users to use the Kucoin Fox to capture idols and get rewards within a limited time. "The Claw" will help you collect lottery ticket and draw random rewards such as BTC, World Cup tickets, jerseys, shoes, and WinGoal tokens.  Kucoin users can also receive an extra chance to play by trading the supported pairs (KCS-USDT, MLS-USDT, YGG-USDT and MATIC-USDT) 

The 4th Kucoin Event can send you to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, or help you earn a share of $50,000 each day! There are five boxes, which can be kicked with the ball. Each box will reveal a random distance, which will be automatically converted into the user's contribution distance. Each box can get you closer to Qatar, so let the gods of random guide your shoot!

CakeDeFi - Predict to win 1 BITCOIN

CakeDeFi is joining the Football World Cup hype and shares wealth to the participants! Everyone is invited to predict the World Cup winner and win 1 Bitcoin! The event has two part, the group stage and the play-offs. During the 1st stage, the CakeDeFi users have to predict the 16 teams that will qualify from the group stages. The participants have to submit their predictions before 20 November 23:59 SGT.

Those that successfully participated in the 1st stage will have to predict the outcomes of the playoffs. The users are invited to guess the winning team and the match scores, before the start of the knockout stage.  The event is free for all users so head to CakeDeFi and make your predictions. This is not the end, as the World Cup final will bring a mini-game, where the participants will have predict the score. The CakeDeFi mini-game will run from 24th of November 2022 15:00 SGT to 18th of December 22:59 SGT

Reddit World Cup NFTs for Everyone

Free NFTs for Everyone! Free Reddit Qatar 2022 Football World Cup for all users. Click "Stylish Avatar" from the account tab, then select any of the football national teams or the Earth avatar and claim it.

You will need to create a vault for your Avatar, and set a strong password. Make sure you remember the password, as it can't be recovered or changed. The password acts as a seed-phrase. Once the Vault is created, the NFT will be minted. Will take few minutes until will be available on-chain, with unique number and ready for transfer on the Polygon chain.

Club1BCH World Cup Fantasy Football - Qatar 2022 will be crypto-amazing

You can still join the Club1BCH Fantasy League and battle to win Bitcoin Cash? Are your ready for the Club1BCH Global? Are you ready to play against my team?

The entry fee for this event is 0.05 BCH and all goes in the prize pool. The competition wallet has 0.4 BCH that will be shared by the top 3 managers. Please contact me via noise.appnoise.cashPublish0xReadCashTwitter, or any other social media platform if you want to join! 

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Overline Network keeps innovating... with treats and ōCash as rewards for daily login. If you didn't claim your Free Overline NFT ... you can still do it and if you did... don't ignore the daily gifts as they can land some good companions and structures.  The ōLand represents a form of ownership in the  Overline's wireless network, where the ōLand owners will receive crypto rewards from wireless activity.

My England glass is out of the cupboard and is ready to enjoy the tournament as much as I do! Today's tasting session includes fancy snacks and raspberry vodka. What's your favorite drink?

Week 45 came with 8 hours and 14 minutes of screen time, with Chrome being by far the most time consuming. Slacked a lot on telegram and I will have a go against Facebook (as usual!). However, the World Cup may influence the next weeks ... with time in front of the TV instead of time on mobile.

Crypto love for you all that reached the end of the article! I minted The Last Supper last week and it's available for you all! Collect it for free on Showtime! You never know when your last meal will be so enjoy the festive dinners and leftovers with the same passion. Live a life to remember! 

Let's forget about chasing the dreams and start chasing friendships and love! Let's forget abuut FTX and FUD ... let's enjoy the Qatar 2022 World Cup!  Check the other articles from the Sarcasm Saturday series and enjoy the weekend!

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Written by   1119
1 week ago
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