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Sarcasm Saturday #7 - DOGE, Doctors and Dementia

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1 month ago

Sometimes I just feel I am losing my mind because of stress but I always bounce back from mental fatigue. Health is the foundation of efficiency in every aspect of life. You can't use 100% of your skills when your health is low, and this why health shouldn't be ignored. Time goes 10 times quicker in the Cryptoverse and probably this is why the last 3 years made me feel like a 60 years old.

Maybe would have been a smother journey if I had a big  bag of Doge and had dump it when Elon pump it to new heights. 

However, even after crypto centuries ... DOGE is still one of the most active cryptocyrencies! Why? Why some ape into memecoins without DYOR and hope to get rich quickly? DOGE is not a hype anymore, DOGE is a retro crypto that keeps coming back in fashion.

You know what is now trending? Projects getting bankrupt.... one after another! It was Holdnaut turn to stop withdrawals and "look for the best option for their users", which is totally BS! This people were gambling on DeFi with the customers money, and they fail to make profit. 

I said it before and I will say it again... 2022 was worst than 2017! In 2017 it was the crypto value dropping by 80-90% but people still had the assets in their wallet. This year was different as the crypto either vanished or turned to dust! My only consolation is that myself and the people I know are doing well as content creators.

It was so cool to see that the NFTs, Dapps and Blockchain Games tab on Publish0x was filled with my article, my brother's article and Byron's article about the making of an NFT! 

Descent into Madness was my NFT collaboration with Byron! I have another reason to be proud... my NFT collaboration with @ArtistByron is live on NFT HIVE! Get one of the limited edition Descent into Madness NFTs, with only 156 to be ever minted!

Byron has been my artistic inspiration and made me shift from collector to creator. He is always coming up with new stuff, like the Two Sentence Horrors, and I am happy he started to write articles more often.

The Cryptoswatches x PVM collaboration went live on Thurdsday! The drop will feature two common NFTs: one greyscale piece of art and a solid color “utility swatch.” Blend them to form a rare, full color version. Blend all three to redeem an even rarer black label version. If you are a Johnny Walker fan you know already that black label is the best! It's NFT Breaking News! Read the interview and check the NFTs! You can buy the Cryptoswatches here and blend them here!

Few articles ago, someone recommended me Plutus as a better alternative for Crypto.Com! I downloaded the app and ordered my card but will take up to 19 weeks to be manufactured! Whaaaaat??? Are you kidding me? How can I take serious a project that will take about 3 months to manufacture my card?

I will slam the medical system in this article, as I feel I am losing my mind! I felt poorly and after I done dozens of blood tests and stuff the doctors still have no idea what's wrong with me.

I paid a good amount of money to have the tests, I gave 10 vials of blood, I paid 2 consultations with the doctor only to be told that has no idea why I feel exhausted or why I have fever with no other symptoms. Medicine is a business now and you have to pay to be seen! 

I know hard times create strong men but the issue is that strong man will create good times. Good times will create weak men and what goes round comes around and week men will create hard times. It's a cycle of strengths and weaknesses that will perpetually rotate and swap roles. 

I am here to support and inspire. Never forget that anything that costs your mental health is too expensive. Another friendly reminder will be to not use your life savings to buy memecoins! 

If you are stressed, just look at the clouds! Let your imagination work and you will see some great stuff. Do you dare to tell me that this cloud is not a crocodile with a gun?

The one above was found on the internet but this one is captured by me. It was getting dark and a storm was coming ... but an angel was there to make sure the humanity will be protected. 

We had a good week in the Cryptoverse, and the "angel" I seen was a good omen. Bitcoin was back to 24,000 USD for a while and Ethereum pumped to 2000 USD last week. The obvious dip happened after such a surge in value and now BTC sits now closer to 21,000 USD.

In the Cryptoverse you must be ruthless and strong. I remember when Felix said not to marry your tokens, and I totally agree. You should always be ready to sell when you done a good profit and go out of your comfort zone. If you are lazy and you don't DYOR ... your comfort zone will kill you! Maybe not physically but will affect your wallet, your portfolio and probably your mental health. 

However, this garden in England can kill you for real! The Poison Garden is dedicated to deadly plants such as hemlock, strychnine and nightshade... in the worlds most dangerous garden. Well, that's a place I don't want to visit (same as an Dogecoin themed amusement park).

Hey doctor... is it alright to spend nearly 7 hours per day on my phone? I don't need a reply because I know is not a healthy habit. I am slowly reducing the screen time by eliminating pointless activities such as Facebook, faucets or funny cats videos. Over 22 hours in a week on Chrome is a lot but (maybe) that was work and content creation.

Today I am going the Scottish way with a big pint of IRN BRU with ice. Keep safe and keep hydrated! Keep yourself away from stressful situations and don't ignore your mental health. Laugh often and keep smiling as you earn your crypto!

What started as a joke has become one of the most expected weekend articles. Sarcasm Saturday has quickly become a hit and all this was possible because of you... the READER! 

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Written by   1094
1 month ago
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4 weeks ago

Doge is just a meme version of Litecoin. They are mined together.

HODLNaut RIP, not surprised. Not your keys... you know the rest.

19 weeks for a card... that's just sad lol. Mine was fast but it was before the recession leading into wartime.

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1 month ago

Well done with NfT’s! I tried looking for your castle in Infinity Skies competition, but I can’t find it. So many entries! Where did all these people come from suddenly?

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1 month ago

No idea, I didn't had time to take part lately. I am rolling more NFT collaborations lately. If you have some spare stuff on polygon you should get a humble tractor... more surprises are coming

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1 month ago

I just moved what I had to Binance to get into dogchain 🙈 How much are the tractors?

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1 month ago

I think at today's price about $24 but I have lots of surprises in the bag

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1 month ago

I’m sure you do! I’ll shuffle some funds tomorrow x

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1 month ago

How does that drink taste?/ like soda? Hehe..

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1 month ago

Hmmm... something similar but different. Its like a secret recipe they are not sharing, same as KFC blend of spices

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1 month ago