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Sarcasm Saturday #23 - Crypto Stew and Meme Salad

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Memes, Defi, Crypto, Meme, Play2earn, ...

I draft my articles in a weird way, by uploading the print screens in an article called "print screens". From here I move them into dedicated articles once there are enough to start writing about a subject. I keep adding stuff, news and more prints constantly, until it has enough shape to get the final touch ... the memes! 

The only issue is that some print screens will stay in the draft folder for months, as not much will happen with some projects. This is why I want to get rid of those lonely things and this is why I am cooking this crypto stew and meme salad. Last episode was about new year resolutions and new goals, while this one will be about random stuff.  BRING IT ON 2023!

I set 13 goals but since then I thought about a couple more so this will need an update. I still want to sell all the Humble Tractor NFTs, to reach 100 followers on Medium and upgrade the perks on my Plutus Card, but I also want to get a bottle of Macallan for my birthday. Why? Because Nat Tample was drinking Macallan and he is a MF maker! My choice of drink will be the Sherry Oak 12 Year Old

Look at this daily average screen time ... and be amazed! Only 4 hours and 24 minutes last week, with Brave, Twitter and Telegram as the top three most used apps. Was no social time, only hustling and content creation. DeFi Twitter Spaces for education, sharing stuff on TG and a lot of writing. This year looks good already.

Byron rejuvenated the Greenhouse, with more gardening blends and upgrades for the lands. Also he dived into more DeFi as he launched the Founders Coin, and more ways to earn $DHC. The Founders Pack had 3 NFTs: one for staking, one to hold and receive an year of airdrops and one that can be burned for a big bag of $DHC. 

After many months of dual-tipping ... something changed! £SPOT was introduced as the 3rd tipping token on Publish0x, a token designed to follow the $AMPL value. SPOT is an inflation resistant store of value, pegged to the Ampleforth price but without exposure to the rebase. SPOT is PAW-tastic! 

When you deposit AMPL tokens into the SPOT app, these tokens are split into 2 into two different tokens at 20% - 80% ratio.  A-AMPL tokens get turned into $SPOT and have no rebase, while the Z-AMPL tokens do still rebase. The two tokens leveraged and represent the full initial amount of AMP, creating a new balance of power in the Cryptoverse

The $SPOT tokens will not rebase but the 1:1 peg with $AMPL will make them have the same value as an $AMPL token that can rebase. The integration was market with supertips, a meme competition and random $2 in $SPOT for those that share their tips on Twitter. The gods of dice favored me and won some extra SPOT. Good boy Spot! Good boy! 

I fought I hit the jackpot when Huobi announced the listing of Pi Network. I mined some Pi few years ago, maybe 2020, and I had to look for an old phone in a dusty shelf. Charged the device and by the time it had enough power .... Pi went 448% to 235 USD. I had 4000 Pi and just doing the maths made me lose my mind.

Pi went all the way to $300 while I was completing stupid tasks on the freshly downloaded Pi Browser, when I took a deep breath and thought about "when something is too good to be true... it's not true. I created my Huobi account and started to DYOR, and found the announcement article that made it all clear! 

The platform will not support deposit and withdrawal functions for Pi Network as part of the listing, so the Pi holders will not be able to sell. Pi has no blockchain and the listing is a synthetic version of the non-existent coin. This meant that traders can speculate on Pi’s price while the exchange earns millions in trading fees from uneducated retail investors. Well played Huobi! 

Coinbase fired 1000 people but shared this Polygon Pioneer NFT for everyone that used the Web3 wallet and transferred any amount of Matic. I transferred the minimum amount and now have this ugly badge available on Coinbase! Happy Days! 

It looks like Cub Finance is still alive, and they implemented a locked staking like Pancake Swap. This looks like a pointless way to hope for growth, even when the $CUB token is half-way into the grave. All-Time Lows and no progress since 2021, and a 52 weeks lock for 35% APY! Sounds hopeless! 

This year will be great, even if we are not in the same boat. We are in the same storm but some have yachts, some canoes and some are drowning. Probably some can't swim while other can surf on high waves!

Geometry lesson for today, as we go through a crash course in shapes! You may know the Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon from school, and you learned about the Portfoliogone after the cursed 2022! 

We are heading towards crypto mass adoption and the process is inevitable. Few years ago was hard to pay with a card, as cash was king. Today is difficult to pay with cash and in few years will be easy to pay with crypto! Good times are coming.

All the wallets, exchanges and DApps are doing the yearly reviews. According to Revolut ... I am a Certified Crypto Expert! I completed my Learn and Earn courses and have few pounds of DOT in there ... therefore I look like an expert!

I use the Nike Running App for my training, and had nearly 700 km done in 2022. Was a pleasant surprise when Nike converted my kilometers into store discount, and got a new tracksuit for only £18.97. Time to break the records and get down to 99.99 kilograms this year.

I am earning BAT on my mobile! All my previous rewards were earned on the laptop, as I was too lazy to log into all the websites while on the phone. It was easier to use Chrome and the saved passwords. I got a new phone in June and again I was too lazy to move all the apps, as I wanted to move all wallets and crypto things before I start using it. In December I just swapped the SIM card and will update the things on-the-go. I still have wallets to unlock, passwords to reset, but at least I ditched Chrome and installed Brave since day one. It is a happy new year! 

New staff on Torum as well, with new gifts added for 2023. You can tip your favorite users with Stable Mooncakes (0.1 XTM), Empty Quiver (0.3XTM) or Sam Bankman's Cheque (0.5 XTM). Torum is still fun and it may return to it's former glory in the next years.

Overline Network announced the launch of their own blockchain, with airdrops for those who spent oCash before the snapshot. You can still claim the free NFTs and get oCash daily, while earning 20% of whatever your referrals buy for life. Chasing referrals is fun even when old fans say it's not! 

I posted on Instagram after 6 months, as the Warwick Castle with winter vibes was too cool not to share. My Instagram is crypto free, only posting pictures from my travels. (still following some crypto projects but for research only)

Happy 14th Birthday Bitcoin! I will see you at the halving, and will wait for you to have the legal age for alcohol! I will wait for ATH with a glass of Macallan and stories about the crypto-crashes of 2018 or 2022! 

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Written by   1132
2 weeks ago
Topics: Memes, Defi, Crypto, Meme, Play2earn, ...
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All great goals.

Mine is still a self-sustained lifestyle in a cabin in the woods. Lmao

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Whats the timeframe? Maybe I will visit for the launch

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