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Sarcasm Monday #14 - Crypto Love and Greatness

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3 weeks ago

The only verdict is vengeance... a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous!

Sometimes its love, sometimes it's greatness, most of the time it's vendetta! Remember... Remember... the 5th of November!

I rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not! - Kurt Cobain

You know who I am ... more or less! Maybe you like the Sarcasm Saturday series more then other topics I cover because it has a different approach, or maybe because life is a meme! 

Today we talk about chasing the dreams, living the passion in your soul, friendships, love... all with a big dose of sarcasm!

If you feel alone, you don't need other people... it is you who needs to grow. Grow yourself and the right people will show up! It's all about the friendships and relationships you make in the space. 

I only started to chat to him when I joined noisecash nearly two years ago and since then we have tried to help each other grow  - Crackers "MeetTheArtist"

Meet the artist PVMihalache by Crackers is a dive into my Non-Fungible journey, and one of the many faces I have... The Artist! Am I a true artist? I am an artist because this means a person who creates art (such as painting, sculpture, music, or writing) using conscious skill and creative imagination. 

Greig's article reminded me about my in-depth interview with The Reading Ape, where he wanted to highlight the man that hides behind the content creator. Was interesting to read his feedback and the "whirlwind of positivity" part gave me another boost of strength and a reset in this cursed year. 

Here I am ... in front of you... telling you that the Cryptoverse has feelings! We all love a project and hate another, we all admire an individual and we hate Elon or Zuck. @ThomasWolf hope you like your Zucky Ape NFT! 

CZ and Binance have feelings, as the Launchpool is resurrected with Hashflow ($HFT) farming!  I honestly thought that the bear market killed the launchpool system, as Galaxy ended in May and nothing happened since then. 

Hashflow is a decentralized exchange designed for interoperability, with zero slippage, and MEV-protected trades. The DEX is available on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Optimism, with $10 billion in crypto trade volume since launch in 2021.

Farmers were able to stake their Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD) into two separate pools to farm HFT tokens over 30 days. The event started on the 1st of November and the $HFT listing will take place on the 7th of November at 1 PM UTC with HFT/BTC, HFT/BUSD and HFT/USDT trading pairs.  


Sometimes love is blind... but really blind that makes you believe a dude is an astronaut and needs money to return to Earth! It's the true story of a Japanese women who was scammed by a man claiming to be a Russian astronaut in space. Space Ivan needed money to return rent a rocket and leave space to marry her!  This made her to send $30,000 in few months, waiting for her future husband to fly his rocket to Japan

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to see the above story a bit true extreme, but then think about the people that sent crypto to Elon, Bill Gates and other celebrities hoping to receive back double. It's elementary my dear Watson... as scammers are getting smarter and are adapting quicker then cockroaches

Let's go back to the things we like, love or admire ... and the way they change our story. What if our story wasn't meant to be unique? What if we are meant to work to pay the bills and sleep? It can't be like that... as I found the Optimistic Oracle even in the Lego box. I choose to be the one that creates a ripple effect and I want to defy the odds! Second place is no longer an option! 

I plan to be more philanthropic in 2023, giving more to others. More charity, more giving, more sharing... but this path starts with changing me! Winning mentality and even more sarcasm!

Last week I organized the Humble Tractors and Friends poker tournament, with PoolTogether delegation and Humble Tractors NFTs as prizes. I delegated 175 USDC on PoolTogether and shared NFT love to the participants.

Life it's not as serious as we think! Heard this in one of the videos I listen ... it's nothing wrong with a parked Ferrari ... even if it's not speeding on a motorway. It has everything it needs to go fast but maybe doesn't know what it's a highway. The difference is made by the place! 

BTW ... do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? One will see you later while the other will see you in a while! 

Do you think this seagull cares about the road sign? Same thing happens IRL ... where is no indicator of success, no sign that you follow the right path. Everyone can dance when the music is playing! But not everyone can hear the music that makes some going for triumph! The song will come, the sun will rise! 

The life we know keeps changing, Melon is not the CEO of Twitter, while plants found out about Instagram! Same like Instagram influencers, the content creators are posing as crypto experts, trading gurus, life coaches and all kind of alpha males or crypto queens ... but is all a shallow veil.

What we do in life echoes in Eternity and this is why we should not listen to experts and gurus, this is why we must make our own way and relay on DYOR, gut feeling and a bit of madness.

Sometimes we must relay on knowledge, as the brain is the most powerful organ we have. Let the degens tell you that X and Y will go to the moon, let Melon tell you that Doge will go bark bark at $1 but do your research and take moderate risks.

Overline Network keeps innovating... with treats and ōCash as rewards for daily login. If you didn't claim your Free Overline NFT ... you can still do it and if you did... don't ignore the daily gifts as they can land some good companions and structures.  The ōLand represents a form of ownership in the  Overline's wireless network, where the ōLand owners will receive crypto rewards from wireless activity that passes through the router devices that are working in the 1.67 acre plots of ōLand. 

Challenge accepted ... mission completed! Average screen time per day reduced to 6 hours and 25 minutes, while Facebook is down from the second place to third. I reduced the FB wasted time to only 4 hours and 11 minutes last week, and Zucky is going down down! 

The grass is always greener on the other side, but we don't appreciate our spikes until the eagle goes for the snake because of our spikes. Let's go ... LFG for a better tomorrow. We all start at the ground and we elevate! 

Crypto love for you all that reached the end of the article! I minted The Last Supper last week and it's available for you all! Collect it for free on Showtime! You never know when your last meal will be so enjoy the festive dinners and leftovers with the same passion. Live a life to remember! 

I hope this sarcastic article will fill refresh your mind and flip the day with some positive vibes. Keep hungry for money and thirsty for knowledge. Live as it's no tomorrow and make sure all your actions will build a legacy! You can get a Humble Tractors, the best vanity item that a Crypto Bro can have!

Now ... all jokes aside... is the bird really free? Is Elon a savior or just a sad soul with Tony Stark aspirations? Time will tell if Twitter will become that AppX that Musk dreams to develop, and time will tell machines will take over. 

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Written by   1119
3 weeks ago
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If you feel alone, you don't need other people... it is you who needs to grow.

*Starts planting seeds

I'll like the NFT a lot more when NFT sales get off the floor :P

Cool image altogether though. Nothing like telling the truth about a billionaire no one likes by making him into an ape.

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2 weeks ago

Glad you like it! Great play at the poker

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2 weeks ago

Hahaha see the classy PVM... I still need the pork fillet 🤣😂🙈🙈🙈

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2 weeks ago

Life is a game! 🎮

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2 weeks ago


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2 weeks ago

I'm farming my BUSD on Binance too. Thought another one of those will never come!

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2 weeks ago

Sell the HFT if you farmed the launchpool

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2 weeks ago

I have some pennies worth, not much to bother now ;)

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2 weeks ago

Cool pics

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2 weeks ago

Haha... you sound like a bot! Maybe my brother is a bot and I didn't noticed 😆

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2 weeks ago

bip bip bop bop

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2 weeks ago

Perfect, as usual. I love the NFT of Tomas!

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3 weeks ago

Did you tried to claim the Last Supper?

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2 weeks ago

I can't, block one more time :(

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2 weeks ago

Even with VPN?

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2 weeks ago