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Safe Heaven (SHA) - inheritance and payment solutions for everyone

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Safe Haven (SHA) is a VeChain (VET) based decentralized B2B2C platform for digital asset management and financial technology solutions. The project started in 2017 as a crypto inheritance platform, based on the Ethereum block-chain, however, moved to VeChain in June 2018. Since then, the project evolved and today delivers ten top products for digital asset management, financial technology, inheritance solutions and hardware wallets.

The Safe Haven (SHA) tokenis highly linked to the VET value, amd had the his All-time-high in May 2019, at $0.0058. The Safe Haven value was heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and in May 2020 had the All-time-low, dropping down to $0.000097. The move to the VeChain ecosystem was part of the project evolution, strategic management and sustainability, and as a method to access VeChain resources and business web. The protocols are open to developers, entrepreneurs and financial services, in order to assist the community with financial services and inheritance products.  The Safe Haven’s token (SHA) shows great potential as a micro-cap project, showing the ability to achieve good price gains on long term.

Safe Haven Products

  • Inheriti is an unique product that aims to digitalize inheritance. the product allows the transfer of assets in case of unfortunate events. The assets are locked by a complete secure contract, which can be accessed by the initiator's family only in certain conditions. The assets are made inheritable, however, the initiator will still be in full control of the assets. Not only financial assets can be added to Inheriti, but also photos, documents or files with value. 

  • ThorPay offers multi payment solution and management of corporate payments. It uses the VeThor chain, being ultra secure, and can be customized for small, medium or large companies. It can also be used to raise funds in any type of cryptocurrency, and enables shared pools.

  • SafeKey is a device used for hardware encryption. The SafeKey FIDO2-U2F device will provide advance security against hacks and compromised passwords. The SafeKey is compatible with Inheriti by default.

Other top products by Safe Haven are TAN (Trust Alliance Network), used to connect block-chain users to block-chain law, and SafeID, that unifies and links the Safe Haven ecosystem with the unique single sign-on. Safe Haven also offers Master-nodes, giving SHA holders an important role into the development of the ecosystem. The users are required from 1 million SHA, up to 30 million, to open Master-nodes (Connect Node-1,000,000 SHA; Harbor Node– 2,500,000 SHA; Consensus Node– 10,000,000 SHA; Legacy Node– 30,000,000 SHA). The SHA reward can be used for all the above products. 

Management and development

All aspect of management and development are coming from the shared pool of knowledge of the managing board. Jurgen Schouppe, Logino Dujardin and Andy Demeulemeester are the three Co-founders of Safe Haven, sharing the CTO, CEO and COO positions.The team constantly evolves the products and the Safe Haven ecosystem, and finds way to implement the existing products in the day to day activity of financial institutions and legacy providers. The long term target is that all Save Haven products will be ERC-20 compatible. All achievements and updates are frequently listed on the Twitter account.

Conclusion and forecast

The Safe Haven Token (SHA) is backed up by a powerful ecosystem and it can gain good value over time. As the Safe Haven products are addressing a rising issue of the crypto-market, the development and implementation of those products is assured, going towards a mainstream implementation. The whole project, products and token are to be followed as it is place of massive growth. The low value per token makes investments affordable and I personally like to have thousands of tokens, as it will be easier to make profit. 

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Written by   1063
1 year ago
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