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RADAR by DappRadar - Staking Cross-Chain

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3 weeks ago

Dapp Radar is the all-in one DeFi protocol that brings capital efficiency, almost limitless liquidity and fully decentralized social trading of Dapps under the same roof. It tracks over 3,500 Dapps across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, TRON, EOS, WAX, Steem, NEO, and many more. 

The DappRadar users have been accustomed with accurate on-chain data and over 1,000,000 unique people are using it in a monthly basis. When the RADAR airdrop was announced, I didn't thought I was eligible ... but 8697 tokens were waiting to be claimed.

The RADAR staking was announced after weeks of stand-by and work behind the scenes. The token could be used as a pair for LP or as single staking. I don't like LP due to impermanent losses, therefore I opted for the single RADAR staking.

Tried to stake in the Cross-Chain Pool when the APR was 369%, but the gwei was at high rates. I hit the confirm button even if it was saying that the transaction may fail.

Always trust the Metamask recommendation, because the transaction failed. I lost 6 USD in the transaction, due to some error encountered during the contract execution. It says that the execution was reverted but the fee was paid.

I tried again when the gwei was lower, and this time the transaction was successful. Deposit submitted and $RADAR tokens farmed at 285% APR.

The Cross-Chain Pool allows RADAR holders to stake, get rewards and unstake anytime. Not sure if unstaking too often will be financially efficient but the farming rate was pretty good.

Few weeks of staking and I farmed 603 RADAR tokens. The APR rate stayed high, and 234% was an above average percentage for staking rewards.

Unfortunately, the rewards stopped accumulating on the 2nd of August. The RADAR had to be staked into the improved V2 pool, and the gas fees were reimbursed in the wallets.

I earned 1,452 RADAR tokens before the V1 Pool was closed. Moved forward to unstake my bag of RADAR and to claim the rewards, which improve my stash with 25%.

I hate gwei ... I hate gwei! Had to pay $14.85 to stake the tokens, which was almost double then I pay when I first staked them in the V1 Cross-Chain Pool. Anyway, $14.85 wasn't too bad compared to what I had to pay few months ago to claim DeFi rewards.

Fee paid and staking completed! I selected Splinterlands as my favorite dApp and seen the RADAR tokens stacking up. One week of staking 10k RADAR and 320 tokens farmed. It's all about the long term plan, so the reward will keep accumulating until the gwei will be low. 

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Written by   1094
3 weeks ago
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Dapp Radar This apps tracks more than 1500Dapps across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, TRON, EOS, WAX, Steem, NEO and many more. From here the bsc market can be done where many dollars can be traded.

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