Progressing On Zealy x Leo Finance Campaign - The King Of The Crypto Jungle

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2 weeks ago
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I started doing quests for the LeoFinance 10k campaign  on the 5th of May, few days later then the other lions! The campaign is long, and I have to climb the charts faster than Charles turn to be king!

He had to wait over 70 years for his coronation, I have only 25 to be crowned the king of the crypto jungle!

The Leo Finance campaign has 10,000 USD worth of rewards for the participants. The event celebrates the launch of the new Leo Finance website! The Leo team has announced a massive reward campaign with total 10,000$ worth prizes which will be distributed among the users completing the quests!

Everyone reaching 10,000 experience will win NFTs, while the bounties will be sent to the top 100 lions. The game is on!

I decided to challenge myself, and progress as much as possible on all the available quests. Threading, writing about crypto and staking $LEO is easy, but being an artist is not for everyone.

Completed the "Slay the Dragon" challenge, and moved to "Lion Zealer". Draw/Design/Create an image of a Lion interacting with the Leo Finance and the Zealy Logos.

The mission is to draw/ design/create an image of a Lion interacting with the Leo Finance and the Zealy Logos.

Are you curious to see what I've managed to do with basic drawing skills, crayons and highlighters? This lion is the king of the crypto jungle, watchin all from the top of the hill!

"The King On The Hill" was completed, with the LeoFinance and Zealy logos being part of the lion's throne!

Hope the AlienArtHive and OnChainArt will appreciate my effort. I will share the post on Twitter using the tags #hive #leofinance #posh, so everyone can provide feedback!

How's my sprint towards a share of the $10,000 going? I must finish top 100 to be in the prize pot... and I am doing well! The business and crypto articles made me leap few spots in the leaderboard, advancing to the 46th place!

The first target is to reach 10,000 XP points and win the NFTs, then push to stay in the top 100! It's a sprint... but also a marathon ... and consistency is the key! Scrolled through the list and I was happy to see friends like

But this is not all .... as I discovered the Sloth Buzz Zealy Campaign! This sprint has rewards for the slowest sloths in the leaderboard! Slow and steady wins the race, with SlothBuzz Tokens and HiveSBI for the top 3 (or 4... or 5 ... or 10)

Sloth Buzz Zealy Campaign is open for all... but ... WTS (what the sloth!) is SlothBuzz? You can ask @slothburn or @slothbuzz ... or read the articles. However, if you are a lazy sloth .... I prepared a tl;dr

  • SlothBuzz is a community Outpost on the Hive Blockchain

  • It's the brainchild of Slothlydoesit and Patlebo

  • Sloth Buzz is helping small creators grow

  • The $Slothbuzz token is used for the Curation of Sloth.Buzz content.

  • 6.9 tokens are minted daily. Total tokens supply at 420 mill

  • Always DYOR!

  • Sloth.Buzz does not provide any financial advice

  • Sloths enjoy procrastinating, what better way to procrastinate than with awesome content?

  • Sloth.Buzz's main focus is you! Our 'niche' is whatever makes a sloth buzz!

  • continues to be the main focus for the SlothBuzz team on the development front.

Got any questions about Sloth.Buzz? Check out the AMA post and ask your slothy questions! - Link

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Hive, Leofinance, Drawing, NFT, Artist, ...