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PoolTogether Winter Wonderland - SWAG, USDC and Optimism

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3 weeks ago

PoolTogether is the crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds that helps users to save money. Additionally, the participants have a chance to win prizes every day in 100% risk-free system. The Optimism Layer-2 scaling solution is using the Optimistic Rollup system to create fast and cheap transactions, while maintaining all the primary security of the Ethereum network.

I joined in the summer for a meme competition, I stayed for the Optimistic rewards, and become a authentic pooler in the following months. Only half year later and I can say that the PoolTogether community is one of the best ones in the Cryptoverse! 

December was amazing, as PoolTogether had the coolest Advent Calendar! Great prizes were hiding behind each door, and great things were shared on a daily basis. 

Was the season to be jolly!

Swimming along with my pooly! 

Farming on PoolTogether,

The protocol that makes DeFi better! 

I got my first prize on the 10th of December, a $25,000 delegation boost on Optimism. I had a week with enhanced chances for the prize draws and boosted $OP farming. Thank you Santa Pooly! 

The $25,000 delegation was added in my PoolTogether account and the earnings at accelerated rate started. It's nothing better then Christmas gifts before Christmas, and this delegation was an early present. 

Only two days later and the god of random smiled again. I was one of the three lucky participants to win a PoolTogether towel. Optimistic vibes for the summer of 2023! 

I checked my rewards after a week, to see if the huge delegation helped me to win some prizes. I was a winner in the #424 and #428 draws and added 4 USDC in the Optimistic Pool. It's not much but is (honest work) ... a gift from Santa! 

The Optimism farming reward had a massive boost, and had 28 $OP tokens to claim. I am bullish on them as I can see the layer-2 chain expand a lot during 2023, and being part of the evolution will unlock many opportunities. There are still rumors about a second airdrop! 

PoolTogether SWAG for the summer, as the towel will give me a vibrant look. Who doesn't want a super soft, cozy and water-absorbent crypto towel? Made my order and waited patiently for the delivery! 

The PoolTogether Winter Wonderland continued with a not-so-secret Secret Santa! People added NFTs and will receive another one on Christmas day. I had to have a pooly NFT to participate so I joined the flock with pfer #2735. I chose this one as it's pool ready, and is matching my free towel! 

I added one Ethereum NFTs into the Secret Santa Gift Exchange and I was told to comeback on Christmas morning to unwrap my gift and claim a random NFT! Thank you Santa Pooly!

In Romanian folklore we say that what happens twice will happen the third time. Absolute fact I won for the third time at the Advent Calendar. I was one of the two winners of a PoolTogether hoodie, out of 70 participants. Can I wear the hoodie at the pool, while sitting on my towel? 

Guess what I've done first thing on Christmas morning? I made breakfast for my family! But you know what I've done after? I exchanged gifts with my wife and watched my kids opening their gifts. About midday I remembered about the NFT Secret Santa and went to claim my gift.

Merry Christmas! Was time to open Wrapped Present #37, paying 2.52 USD as transaction fee. What can it be in the gift thirty seven?

Hooray! I unwrapped Lucky Ducky #5375 from the Lucky Ducky collection. I was a happy ducky as I knew this collection, one done out of play-doh. DYOR for more details and found out that 77,777 Lucky Duckies have left the pond and are getting into mischief! This is the first family friendly handcrafted claymation generative collection!

I concluded the year in style, listening to the Holiday Community Call. I am telling you that great things are being built, and PoolTogether will lead the crypto revolution! 

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Written by   1132
3 weeks ago
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