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PoolTogether - I become a Pooler and I love it!

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3 weeks ago

PoolTogether is the crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds that helps users to save money. Additionally, the participants have a chance to win prizes every day in 100% risk-free system. The Optimism Layer-2 scaling solution is using the Optimistic Rollup system to create fast and cheap transactions, while maintaining all the primary security of the Ethereum network.

My story started about three months ago, when I joined the PoolTogether Discord group to participate in a meme competition. The competition ended but I stayed there for the people, an amazing  vibrant community! I become a Pooler and I am surfing the high waves of DeFi! 

I was happy that PoolTogether expanded on multiple chains, as more people can enjoy one of the best DeFi protocols in the Cryptoverse! I become an active Pooler after the Optimism expansion, supplying USDC and earning OP tokens in the same time.

Crypto opportunities at higher tiers, as PoolTogether will distribute 450,000 OP tokens in seven months. Waves of Optimistic Rewards will refresh the Poolers, along with chances to win USDC daily prizes! The $OP rewards started on Tuesday 26th of July and lasted for four weeks,  when I farmed 10.84 $OP tokens. Many weeks gone since then and more rewards followed, as my stash grew with over 30 $OP tokens.

Earning OP tokens is nice, but the chance to win daily prizes is priceless. Based on my current liquidity, I have odds of 1 of 5.15 to win a prize in the weekly draw. The odds for daily prizes is 1:32.70 and my current winnings are 22.25 USD. My first PoolTogether prize was 17 USDC and the next one was 5 USDC.

#I started shy until I was invited on stage to present myself. I couldn't say much but I mentioned that it's honor to be part of the community. If you know me a little, you will know that I go "All-in" if I like a concept... and this is exactly what happened! 

I was added on the PoolTogether Coordinape, and now I am able to both give and receive "gives" in the monthly epochs. The users who had notable contributions or promoted PoolTogether will be able to earn KPI options powered by Outcome Protocol.

PoolTogether minted the $uGMI KPIs, a token that will grow in value as the protocol TVL increases. The options can be redeemed for $POOL, with a minimum 0.9 $POOL per uGMI or 1.4 $POOL if the TVL will reach 250,000,000 USD.  This is another prime example of how the Outcome tools are helping DAOs to align the individual token holder interests with the collective interests of the protocol.

Now the Pool Together Community Call and Swim Meet has become part of my Friday routine, and I am not so shy on the stage. I am ready to bring feedback, and I am ready to teach others about the PoolTogether unique opportunities. Will you join an educational event if I will be hosting one? 

I wanted to improve my odds and I added 206 USDC on Optimism, and also taking advantage of the 2.96% APR in OP tokens. Never been easier to be involved in DeFi, while the 100% risk free staking and double rewards are unique in today's bear market. Join me and become a Pooler! 

I organized the Humble Tractors and Friends poker tournament on the  28th of October, with PoolTogether delegation and Humble Tractors NFTs as prizes:

  • 1st place - 100 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Humble Tractor NFT

  • 2nd - 50 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

  • 3rd - 25 USDC delegated on PoolTogether for a month plus 1 Hey! NFT

Why is PoolTogether delegated liquidity better than any other prize? Because you will earn $OP tokens and you will be eligible for prizes in the daily draw. There are 545 daily prizes, divided in three tiers. One of the LP providers, or someone who has delegated liquidity, will win $1000 USDC.

Can it get any better? Yes ... with this amazing POAPs! Every community call has a new POAP, with another PoolTogether floater to entertain the community! This are the ones I collected so far! 

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Written by   1119
3 weeks ago
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