PoolTogether 4th Anniversary - NFTs For OGs

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4 months ago

Hello Summer! Can it get better than chilling under the sun and having drinks by the side of the pool? Yes... It gets even better when you celebrate the PoolTogether fourth anniversary with your frens'

Are you summer ready? There are three NFTs to celebrate the event, and OG poolers can claim them all! Happy Anniversary PoolTogether!

PoolTogether is the crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds that helps users to save money. Additionally, the participants have a chance to win prizes every day.

I also celebrated my one year anniversary, using PT since August 2022. Last year I said that PoolTogether on Optimism is a mix as good as beer and peanuts (or avocado on toast for the ones with vegan preferences) and today I am saying the anniversary NFTs are as cool as a lion riding a shark into a stablecoin pool with APY over 20%! 

NO LOSS SINCE 2019! This is as impressive as the NFT collection launched to celebrate four years of PoolTogether! There are three different NFTs that can be claimed, depending on the level of staking and interaction.

What happened since 2019? Over 3,200,000 USD was won by 320,000 unique poolers... and zero loss! The winning mechanism gives everyone a fair chance, no matter of how much you deposit. I win at least once a month, and the prizes are better than the standard APY for staking stablecoins.

Let's return to the anniversary NFT collection, where the Bagholder Pooly is waiting for you. Don't worry... it's not sold out... the screenshot was taken before the claiming went live.

PoolTogether is good for all, small fish or giant bag holder. This NFT can be claimed by all historical users, so go and check it out! 

The Superpower Pooly is the second NFT of the collection, with Pooly taking under his wings even the most tropical fish in the pool. This NFT is available for the poolers that deposited over $1000.

The Carry Pooly is the top NFT, available for the wallets that deposited over $10,000 at any time. You know who carries the whales that carry the protocol? It's .... Pooly!

July means party time with Pooly and my pooler frens'! More reasons for celebration after claiming the full collection of Superpower Pooly NFTs and the new CoSoul from Coordinape. 

Don't know how you feeling about 2023... but this year is definitely better than last year. We are half way through and no major bankruptcy or hack, just the annoying Discord takeovers. Don't forget to stay alert and always DYOR!

I am summer ready and the positive vibes are always rewarded. I have my $POOL tokens deposited into the PolygonPool, with weekly chances to win more tokens. Looks like the gods of random are smiling, constantly winning 1.666 tickets. The prize is added on top of my staked assets, which makes all hustle free!

Love you PoolTogether! Love you crypto bros! If you are joining the poolers family ... let me know. I will send you a nice USDC delegation to kick-start your journey! 

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