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Overline Network NFT Land - A mysterious world is floating above you

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2 days ago

What is Overline Network?

A mysterious world is floating above you! This is how Overline Network is advertising their invite to "Join the BIGGEST metaverse". The users are invited to mint a free NFT Land, part of a people-owned decentralized wireless network that will upgrade the telecommunication industry the same way crypto enhanced the financial sector. 

I don't hype into stuff without research but Overline Network does sound genuine and innovative. The ōLand represents a form of ownership in the  Overline's wireless network. All the ōLand owners will receive crypto rewards from wireless activity that passes through the router devices that are working in the 1.67 acre plots of ōLand. Yes, users will receive crypto for IRL activity on the patch of land linked to the NFT.

The Real Estate creates a relationship with the Metaverse through wireless devices activated in the real world. Each NFT represents 1.67 acres of real land. and can be minted for free! 

Overline Network Highlights

  • The ōLand NFT represents 1.67 acres of land in the real world, as well as digital real estate within Overline's wireless metaverse.

  • No wallet is required to mint the NFT, no KYC or silly forms. All you need is to register with your email. My advice is to use an alternative email, not the main/work one.

  • The location is random, and the earnings are higher depending on the wireless activity that occurs on your plot. Like all things within the Overline ecosystem, ōLand plot rewards can also be boosted using Emblems (EMB).

  • Users can own multiple plots of ōland. Each friend signing with your referral link gets one NFT and you will get another ōLand. 

  • ōLand will provide a fun graphic interface where the user can walk around and explore the land, even broadcasting messages to people on their ōLand.

  • According to the stats I found on Overline Network, their Metaverse is 10x bigger then Overside and many more times than the Sandbox and Decentraland. Not sure how accurate are the stats but if the numbers are real... this is huge alpha sign!

My Overline NFT experience!

I seen an article about Oveline NFTs and made a claim just to help my friend get an extra NFT through the referral system. Then I seen more articles and done a quick search, and the project's vision makes sense.

I decided to explore it more and this looks like something that may spread like wildfire! It's powered by decentralization and shared ownership, all this by linking the real world with a matching metaverse. 

I minted my first ōLand and shared my referral link with few friends! I now have 7 ōLand NFTs and I am waiting to see how this project unwraps. Feel free do DYOR and see if this it's a think that you may like. If you're happy to use my Overline NFT mint link ... thanks!

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Written by   1093
2 days ago
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Oh, you already have many plots! I think I signed up with your link too. No harm in trying for free :)

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13 now

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