Opening 100 Splinterlands - Gladiator Journey For Packs 61 to 70

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6 days ago
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I am chasing a goal that may look unachievable for a casual Splinterlands player ... to open 100  Chaos Legion packs. The mission simplified after I started to brawl with my Romanian guild, and today I will share the unwrapping of packs 61 to 70!

I am playing Splinterlands for over two years and never done Brawls until December 2022. Not much by choice but because I was guildless. Brawls are large tournaments in which Guilds fight together against other Guilds, so my allegiance to one was mandatory.

Playing in brawls helped me to earn Merits, which I spent on Gladius Cases. This is how I boosted my deck power and started collecting gladiator cards. It's a double win as Gladiator monsters are more powerful then normal cards, but are SoulBound.  This cards can be played only in brawls, and can't be traded, delegated, rented, or sold.

Only one Gladiator card can be selected for a battle, but is no limit of the number of Gladius Cases that can be purchased in the Guild Store. The normal potions don't work for Gladius Cases, but they count towards the Collection Power score. All the 32 Gladius card have the Bloodlust ability, earning +1 to all initially non-zero stats per defeated opponent. 

I constantly upgraded my deck and the daily rewards are sometimes full of unexpected treasures. I found another Djinn Chwala after an average run, hidden in one of the 8 chests I hardly grinded. 

Pack 61:  Gladius Cases are full of great cards, and having none of them probably enhanced the drop rates. I got Ajax Lightfoot, Palidon Rakk and Kotriphus Bayne in the same pack, and a classic Witch of Warwick. Three rare cards in one pack made me feel more confident in even better cards.

Pack 62:  Click ... common, click... common, click... common, click... common .... and then an epic Quora Towershead at the last spin. Quora will one day be the last of her clan, and even when the name of Towershead will vanish, it will be up to only her to pass on the warriors’ blood that flows in her veins.

Pack 63:  This time was a boring unwrap, with only Liza Fox as a non-common drop. Just adding another Witch of Warwick in my deck and heading towards an upgrade.

Pack 64:  I will probably end up with a maximal level Witch of Warwick soon, as another one dropped in this pack. Got two rare cards, Captain Katie and Sarius, and two more cards that will be upgraded soon.

Pack 65:  Nothing amazing in this pack, but at least 3 cards that I didn't had in my deck. I found Helmet Kharafax, Relenor Cleaver and Isgald Vorst. Is it only me or the names were generated by a random algorithm?

Pack 66:  Sarius and Palidon Rakk as rare cards and .... the Witch of Warwick! This card has a higher drop rate then heads or tails! 

Pack 67:  Epic Knight inside, as Marisol Contuma galloped out of the pack. The Order of the Silver Shield has bestowed the rank of Knight onto no more than a dozen females in the hundreds of years of their reign, and Marisol was one of them. While there is no rule written in the Silver Shield Codex demanding that females not be considered as Knights, very few female Khymians would be able to pass the tests of endurance and sheer physical strength required to achieve the rank.

Pack 68: Back to basics with a Chaos Legion pack, with a basic drop. Only a boring Molten Ash Golem inside, and 4 of the most cheapest common cards. May to gods of random be kinder with the next drops! 

Pack 69: My prayer was listen, as Sola Ranjell came out bright as the sun! The Witch of Warwick came along with Gorth, an ugly cyclops. Giggling as pack 69 had a legendary goddess!  

Sola was my first Gladiator Legendary card, one of the women of the Lunakari that descend. She came to the Splinterlands directly into Praetoria on the brightest night of the year: the alignment of moons. She went straight into the Moxian arena and enlisted herself as a Gladiator,

Pack 70: Marisol came again, riding her horse! It was quite poetical to unwrap another Witch of Warwick, as no scrip could have planned this card to drop so often.


Opening 10 Chaos Legion Packs - 11th to 20th - I've got 3 summoners, 10 rare and 4 epic cards. To make it better I unwrapped a legendary as well!

Opening 10 more packs - 21st to 30th - I've got 2 legendary, 2 summoners, 13 rare and 3 epic cards! Much better overall cards then before!

40 packs opened until today - 31st to 40th - I've got the lowest value reward ever, only 3 Epic cards and not even a summoner.

Half way through - packs 41st to 50! Ultra rewards, with 2 legendary cards, 5 epics and 10 rare ones! 

51st to 60s vibes on the dancefloor! I've got 18 rare cards, 3 epics and 1 legendary monster! 

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