OLICRYPTO May round-up and the limited edition BCH T-Shirt!

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Before we even start the round-up I can tell you that amazing news are covered in this article and the unique chance to get $OLI tokens and a limited edition $BCH t-shirt!

Only 100 pieces will be ever produced and sold! All earnings will be used to return the investment in the Bitcoin Cash Van

A lot happened in May and history was written by Sasha and the everyone involved in the OliCrypto game! After Sibenik, according to live ranking, Oleksandra will the take 647th WTA rank position.

Sibenik acheivements

As I said above, @OLICRYPTO and $OLI holders are now part of the crypto history book. The first prize money distribution happened as a result of the Sibenik run!

Received By Player: 271.00 USD

Directed To OLI Reserve: 243.90 USD (prize money distribution details)

Distributed Among OLI Holders: 27,10 USD (0,045 BCH at the time of transaction)

Addresses: total 40, own excluded 4, eligible 24

Transaction: 05ae1c8eff016dc457fe4cb6917c4ad9ee0f7d8caa76571c33d924afe8c8341b

Sibenik Quarterfinals!

1st round : 6-0 6-4 vs Sylvie Zund

2nd round: 6-4 6-1 vs Andela Jocovic

3rd round: 6-0 6-4 vs Diana Martynova

1/16 finals: 4-6 6-3 6-3 vs Anna Zaja

1/8 finals: 6-4 7-5 vs Antonia Ruzic

Quarter-finals: 2-6 6-4 4-6 vs Johana Markova

See the detailed story here: OliCrypto journey in Sibenik - BCH awareness and tennis achievements!

Oleksandra injury

The long run from Sibenik had impacted Sasha's health and due to a light injury she had to withdraw from this the next Sibenik and Grado events. As the health and recovery are paramount for athletes, this break was necessary. Oleksandra already returned to practice and is looking forward to the next tournaments.

Tournaments update

Oleksandra is expected to play in the German League on the 13th of June. The follow up will be either German league on the 20th of June or the Croatian League between 18th and 20th of June.

Two PTT tournaments in the Czech Republic, with $25,000 prize, are on the list for the second half of the month

PTT Czech Republic Women’s $25K Clay 1: June 21-27, 2021

PTT Czech Republic Women’s $25K Clay 2: June 28 – July 4, 2021

We hope that we will “fix” her soon, so she will be in the very best health & playing form.

The Bitcoin.com wallet incident

Some OLI holders , including me, had issues where the OLI balances disappeared (fully or partially) after sending tokens out. All balances are recovered after using the “Scan for missing transactions” function inside the Bitcoin.com wallet.

The Great Promotion #1

The Great Promotion involves the players, the $OLI holders and the BCH community. The Bitcoin Cash Van refurbishment is completed and will be used to reduce the cost of reaching and staying at events. After the full repairs and updates, the Bitcoin Cash van is ready for 400,000 kilometers of driving resource!

The goal is to raise 5 BCH to return the Bitcoin Cash Van to European roads by the end of June 2021. This will create a fully-branded van traveling across the European Union and will raise the Bitcoin Cash awareness. Sasha and the team will educate, promote, adopt and onboard new users & merchants.

The cost:

0.5 BCH – wrapping / 1 BCH – interior updates / 1 BCH – registration renewal + insurance / 0.5 BCH – yearly toll tickets (“vignettes”) for Slovenian & Austrian highways.

The OliCrypto Gift Bundle!

This is the main news and the solution for the investment in the van refurbishment. For only 0.05 BCH new and existing players will get a super OLI bundle containing a cool and exclusive t-shirt (with certificate), key-ring and 10 $OLI token. T

The t-shirt concept will say all about Bitcoin Cash, even without bearing the BCH logo. It comes in black or green and can be customized.

Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin from Satoshi's whitepaper and the Bitcoin created to change the world for the better, the Bitcoin for communities and everyday transactions. Get your exclusive t-shirt and wear it proudly.

The t-shirt is 100% cotton and comes in sizes from S to 3XL, with quality display of graphic elements and is washing and ironing resistant.

Only 106 t-shirts will ever be printed. There are available for purchase and 6 for the team. Each t-shirt will have a serial number and will be delivered with a paper certificate and a "Thank you!" note from the team. The t-shirt can be customized by adding a name, URL or any text on the left sleeve for an extra 0.01 BCH. The OLI bundle can be ordered for 0.05 BCH without customization or 0.06 BCH with customization by filling the OliCrypto form

For 6 or more bundles ordered, a 15% discount will be applied. Worldwide delivery by regular mail is include in the bundle price. All orders will be processed manually and customers will be contacted by Telegram (or email) within a day after placing the order. You will be contacted by Denis from Telegram handle @OliCryptoBCH.

Bundles can be ordered until the 8th of June or until they get sold out!

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