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NFT Breaking News #26 - Metaverse Tour on my Humble Tractor

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1 month ago

I prepared a Metaverse tour, with visits on WAX, Hive, Solana, Ethereum, Tezos and SmartBCH. Feeling happy that I manage to bring #NFTBreakingNews back on track, with 3 NFT dedicated articles published in 2022. Number #22 had to be with NyteWolf, published on the 22/02/2022 ... because it takes 2 2 make a movement. Let's do a quick recap before I unwrap episode #26

Maiki comeback couldn't go unnoticed and he had #23 dedicated to him and this new ideas. Got this cool #diffrens avatar from the man! Read "Guess who's back? Maiki is back! Tell your friends!" if you missed the Q&A! 

Maiki is such a legend! He constantly makes ultra cool stuff! This Friday I got Citadel of Pump and Citadel of Dump from his new packs!

Then I landed on Solana, for Cryoto Panties! The fashion collection has 3333 unique CryptoPanties NFTs, based on 9 identities. Rave Review is the brand behind the idea, a company that found new and innovative ays of transforming home textiles into desirable garments. The Crypto Panties collection will be an identity marker and one-off collectible item, promoting the Rave Review mission and ethics. Read NFT Breaking News #24 - CryptoPanties on Solana

In the last years I wrote about hundreds of NFT projects, it's finally time to share my own social experiment - the Humble Tractors! Every Degen or Humble Farmer needs a tractor! The harvest may be rich ... the harvest may be juicy ... if you own a Humble Tractor. 60 Unique 1:1 Photography NFTs throughout the year! Every NFT comes with a claimable POAP code, created by Benny Bumbi, the creator of SnkrsWax.

The Humble Tractors collection was initially a collection of photos I took throughout a whole year, not on a daily basis, for the Harvest Finance creativity contests. The once regular competition stopped and the photos where forgotten for months. I discovered them in a folder when I was tidying up the laptop and decided to give them a purpose... a lucky charm for degen DeFi Chads or humble farmers. Be bold and be brave when choosing your favorite season! 

The collection is live on Opensea, for a humble price! Any humble yield farmer can get his unique Humble Tractor for only $18, payable in wETH, Matic, DAI or REVV. Be part of something bigger and add something unique to your NFT portfolio.

Joe Chiappetta celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Silly Daddy Comics! He will mint 30 rare NFTs at anniversary discount, only 30 WAX. His work sells for thousands of dollars and this piece of art will be a gem. The NFT is a Silly Daddy autobiographical painting called "The Most Epic Battle" and will be available on the 11th of July, at 11 AM Pacific Time on WAX AtomicHub.

Got a pack of Cryptogs Reborn for free, growing my Opensea collection. All of them are from ETH Denver, cool memorabilia to hold. The dilemma comes when you can make money from free stuff, and the profit sometimes leads the decision. 

Soon after opening the pack, I started receiving offers. Some where a joke, not even 10% of the market value, some were few percentages above the floor price, while others where 3x or 4x more then the market value. I accepted only one offer, selling the Nifty Ink Cryptogs Reborn for 0.0165 wETH! 

I will never have the chance to hold a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, so I decided to mint a WW3 Ape. This war geared monkey collection was set to 1500 pieces, and was nearly sold out when I checked it. 

The price was accessible, only 0.03 ETH for minting. I was a bit scared of the gwei, thinking that the transaction fee will be ridiculously high. I was wrong, and the fee was only 8.32 USD.

I end up paying $96.57 for WW3 Ape #1457, a weird specimen with Kalashnikov and hat. Let's consider this a gamble, and the ETH spent was expandable. If this NFT will get to grow 10x I will think again about holding v cash out.

This NFT may be one of my most valuable assets. The Clementine's Nightmare character keeps attracting people searching a bargain, spamming me with under the market offers. I was offered 0.28 ETH, over $1000 at the time, but the record was 0.329 ETH in bear market. The offer was higher, while the value was lower - only 897 USD.  

Now, this is a sensible subject... as I got robbed! I stupidly tried to grab a free mint from a project that looked cool, and as it was the middle of the night ... I failed to notice I was on my main Metamask! Project was a scam and my Clementine's Nightmare NFT is bye-bye! 

Alpaca Worlds moved to France, as Tupaca continued her world tour. It's time for baguettes, omelets, mustaches and Ouh-la-la! Unique 1:1 NFTs where minted for this journey, each minting money on a daily basis. Alpus, the currency, can be used to buy the France tour NFTs. I minted 3 unique Alpacas, getting 30 Alpus per day.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨WAS Snkrs is building behind the scenes and I was blessed to receive this legendary pair of sneakers. Wax Snkrs is a collection of designed sneaker cards taking inspiration from real world sneakers that aims to introduce the sneaker culture to the WAX community and engage the NFT community into this amazing movement. The main goals are to introduce the sneakers culture to wax blockchain, provide sneakers for underprivilege children, and to empower sneaker artists/ designers. While working hard to achieve the goals, 30% of the funds will be directed for purchasing sneakers for kids in the diaspora who needs them. Read more in "Bringing joy in Africa through the WaxSnkrs Project"

Byron keeps working hard, pumping new staff in the deep mines of Magor 22:1. If you are mining on Alien Worlds, make sure you get some art along with the worthless TLM! The monthly subscription is one of his amazing ideas, a whole month of NFTs dropped straight into the wallet for everyone who buys the 30 WAX subscription. Wombat Dungeon Master Season 4 started, and you can now "hide" My Zickle Army NFTs for mining power! The Army of Zombie Pickles already invaded the Dungeon!

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 The Pets of Clarks are on Magor 22:1 as well, and they try to escape the planet. The must go incognito and assemble a rocket before they got caught! Mine quickly and mine with passion! The collection also give mining power on Dungoen Master.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 I got hooked up with Endless Loots approximately one year ago. Since than, I killed trolls, zombies, monsters and saved the world a few times. I had thousands of grov pints and solved many puzzles. I was always looking forward to the next adventure and I am happy perpetually blend towards this companions! Endless Loots Discord Channel is now the place where the adventurers are questing into the WAX realm. Join the adventure and jump on board for ... endless fun!

Could this be off-topic? Nop... it's 101% about NFTs! Behind the scenes, the Club Cats were born and soon will roam free in the Metaverse! Are you ready to adopt some derpy kittens? The question is .... WAX, ETH, Polygon or SmartBCH?

🚨 Breaking News 🚨  Doctor Who Worlds Apart will soon be available for desktop play. I am buzzing in the wait of the game and I am stacking packs. Meanwhile, I got "The Edge of Reality" pack for free. Used the daily rewards to pay the $19.99 value, adding another pack to my collection. You can get free Doctor Who Worlds Apart by logging every day and claim the rewards.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨  

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Written by   1060
1 month ago
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