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NFT Breaking News #17 - Sneakers for Africa, Derp Smiles and Token Girls Guardians

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1 month ago

Last week I had a pair WAS Snkrs as a giveaway prize, a lovely collaboration with Cartoon Family. I knew that the WAX from the sales will be used for a good cause but I didn't look into details. After the prize distribution, I sent a Pyro Zickle filled with 50 WAX to WAS Snkrs,  and started chatting on Twitter. If you want to know more about the WAX Sneakers project I recommend you read #MeetTheArtist WAXSneakers written by Crackers. Follow the guy as more NFT giveaways will follow in his articles.

I asked more about the project and I was amazed by the extent of the vision. WAS Snkrs goal is to provide value to collectors, sneaker designers and above all to provide deprived children from Africa with sneakers. Part of the wax from sales will go towards purchasing sneakers for charity and the creation of the cryptomonKeys grails sneaker that will be backed by physical pair of sneakers.

Wax Sneakers sent me NFTs that are looking for new owners. Check the Twitter giveaway and complete the tasks before Sunday the 12th of September to enter in the draw. Make sure you keep counting as this is only the first giveaway.

I also run an auction and this mint #50 OLD SKOOL RED sneakers were sold for $4.50. The whole $WAXP amount from the sale was sent back to WAX

Snkrs to be added in the pot of good deeds. The auction was won by Clarkstachio for 15 WAX. Check the auction here! 

🚨 NFT Breaking News 🚨 A very cool update from Bret Blackberg NFTComics, the comedy/adventure series by DoMore Comics ... the second issue of tje comic is already availale on NeftyBlocks as a pre-mint. This will be moved to AtomicHub next week, where to low mints will be listed. Issue 1 is available for both $WAX and $ETH.

🚨 NFT Breaking News 🚨 Come join me in Byron's Room for great giveaways and the chance to get yourself zombified by Byron! I have some inside intel that zombies are running low on Magor 22:1 but the rewards will keep flowing. If you are mining with the Horde on Magor 22:1 you may want to focus on getting the whole collection as greater things may come under the icy desert!

I collect many NFT's but Byron is not one of my favorites creators ... he is my favorite creator. He always come up with new stuff and new ideas and probably we have this synergy because my brain works in a similar way. Not bragging about it but 278 Byron NFTs are more then the next three added together. Also you are not a true fan if you're not buying! 

After the "Grow your cucumbers" experiment, Byron  came with another new thing... the DERP SMILES packs! There are 30 different smiles in the packs, minted randomly when unwrapped. Get the packs from NeftyBlocks 

The packs were only 3 WAX before the unwrap went live, a 66% discount, so I bought two. After unpacking them I felt sorry I bought only two as the Derpy Smiles are super-duper-cool! Here are the derps I found! 

But now is time for giveaway number two, and one of the participants will win the mint #49 Derp Smiles pack! Complete the Tweet tasks and that's it!

NeftyBlocks launched their own token, the $NEFTY! This event was marked by pack sales and $NEFTY airdrops. I logged to check and I found 45 $NEFTY waiting to be claimed. Check if you have any $NEFTY airdrop by clicking the pop-up menu in the top right side!

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Endless Loots preparation for series 2 is almost finished. The adventures completing the quests will receive a skill book related to the quest theme and new improved backpacks are created with add-on crafting. Stay tuned for great news, as Endless Loots staked enough $NEFTY to activate super blends!

🚨 Breaking News 🚨  Doctor Who Worlds Apart new pack announcement! The "Time Lord Victorious" set is now available for collectors. The set brings 50 new cards that can be played along the original cards. Each card features hand-drawn artwork, characters, companions and enemies from the Doctor Who metaverse. The launch is set for 26th of August at 3 PM BST 

The "Time Lord Victorious Premium Pack" will have Time Lord Victorious frames and the Kotturuh frames, based on the Dark Times race who brought mortality to the species of the universe! and will be available for $49.99 or 4999 tokens. All the cards will also become available in standard frames through the core packs.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 The Token Girls Guardians are ready to fight as the packs unwrapping went live yesterday (10th of September) at 6PM UTC. I had two packs to open and I got lucky! Get the packs from NeftyBlocks and claim your free promo NFT

Super blends are enabled and you could get up to 4 endings and a special T-shirt with the favorite Token Girl. All the process is described in details on Medium: Token Girls Guardians User Guide

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Crypto Finney lands on Ethereum on the 18th of September. The generative 16-bit pixel art character will come in 10,000 variations, designed by the a Ex-Warner Bros platform game artist Jonathan Trafford. The Crypto Finney vision is to present the world of blockchain in an attractive way for non-crypto individuals and to educate the masses about cryptocurrencies. The event will be covered in details on Discord

The Volume One of the story, called Immutable Journey, is available on Finney World for free. Made time to read it on Friday night and it was a fascinating story! 

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 is a different collection minted on Ethereum blockchain exploring value, the nature of art, and the cultural zeitgeist of litterbugs. There are 125 unique pieces of trash transformed into NFTs ... blockchain is forever while trash can be decomposed in hundreds of years! 
You can see the exhibition on VR and check the gallery, as most of the NFTs are offered at 0.01 ETH. They say "one man's trash is another man's treasure" and this is the proof! 

Giveaways ... giveaways ... even more giveaways!

Byron joined Publish0x so you can now follow him for NFT updates and general stuff about his projects! Giveaway number three is running for a month, ending on 30th of September. I will share one ZombieCAT Zombie NFT for every 5 followers that @ArtistByron gets in September. Once you followed his account, leave the .wam address in the comments! Feel free to tag a friend or two ... or no one! On the 1st of October I will divide his number of followers by five and distribute that amount of NFTs to the participants! At the moment he has 17 subscribers therefore 3 NFTs will be distributed. Three more subscriptions and another NFT will be added in the prize pot!

Giveaway number four runs on twitter and on this article: - Using NFTs as collateral for DeFi loans. Read how innovated the Metaverse, merging DeFi and NFTs so holders can use idle NFTs and stablecoins as collateral for yield farming or to receive loans. Burning NFTs is not longer an option but winning a burning NFT is acheivable. ArtistByron created a Fire Dog for my article and 5 out of 31 minted NFTs will be distributed to the participants. Use the link above to leave your .wam in the article comments or complete the tasks from the tweet giveaway. Deadline to enter the competition is the 13th of September, at 23:59 UTC.


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