Mycelic Infantry or Slipspawn? The Best Tank in Splinterlands Dilemma

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The Mycelic Infantry and the Mycelic Slipspawn are top servants Queen Mycelia has, fighting, corrupting and claiming the lands in her name. They both lead the mycelic army, leaving behind a trail of fungal rot and chaos. But which is a better tank for conquering the Splinterlands ?

I will try and compare both, using a line-up as close as possible, and will see if any of them has an edge over the other. It may be that both are good but in different types of battles.

The Mycelic Infantry are lumbering behemoth fungus. They look scary, powerful and not even close a fun'guy! They are the monster with the lowest level of intellect and are put on the front lines as a strong defense. They are incredibly tough, like a Mushroom Hulk.

Mana cost set at 8 mana and 7 health points to start, with 3 armor, 3 melee damage, and Shield. It becomes and absolute unite through upgrades, reaching 10 HP and gaining the Giant Killer and Enrage abilities.

Not all Earth creatures like Earthquakes! Strong battle-rules, with Earthquake and Super Sneak in a 38 mana cap duel. It's time for Mycelic madness!

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power to all friendly monsters

Mycelic Infantry: Tank with Shield

Mycelic Slipspawn: Tank with Taunt

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal Tank

Regal Peryton: Caster with Flying

Khimer Princes: Caster with Glowing Skin

Djinn Biljka: Caster with Camouflage .... Legendary!

The Regal Peryton comes into play, to have at least one monster that will ignore the Earthquake. The summoner's duel goes in my favor, as all monsters got one extra magic damage and only the Mycelic Infantry was affected by the armor reduction.

The Mycelic Slipspawn will keep everyone safe from the sneaky attacks, while my team will be free to hit the last enemy monster. However, it couldn't do anything about the quake, as this cleared half of the battleground

The Infantry got a heal, my Regal Peryton dodged an attack, and then was time for another massive earthquake. The monsters are going down like flies. It went to a 3v3 in round three!

The earthquake hit again but luckily after the Goblin Psychic casted a heal on the Hulk Mushroom! It ended up in a Fungi duel, Infantry against Infantry! Who was the toughest mushroom? See the full battle here!

The Mycelic Slipspawn is another rare Chaos Legion monster under the Earth Splinter. It is the tank I often use in an Obsidian magical team. The Taunt ability is why I have an obsession with the Splispawn, as it keeps the lesser monsters safe and sound.

This fungus monstrosity was first found on the edges of Pretorian swamps, and it is highly toxic and dangerous, leaving the victims severally debilitated

It's just one mana more expensive then the Mycelic Infantry, and you have another Hulk in the front row. The Slipspawn has no armor and starts with 10 Health Points, 2 Speed and 2 Magic Damage, improving the stats with every level. It becomes even stronger, as it gain Forcefield and Slow when upgraded.

Life Devouring Mycelics!  looked like I had to adapt to the Weak Magic battle-rule, as the spells will hit the armor before reducing the health, but I decided to go for a full team of boosted casters. Mana cap at 30 meant a wide range of monsters can be selected, all under Obsidian's guidance.

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power to all friendly monsters

Mycelic Slipspawn: Tank with Taunt

Failed Summoner: Off-Tank with Magic Reflect

Centauri Mage: 3rd Tank! Caster with Return Fire

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal Tank

Khimer Princes: Caster with Glowing Skin

The opponent went for a fortified Life Splinter team, with extra health from Mother Khala and Djinn Renova. The team was also boosted with extra armor from the Truth Speaker, while my team had reduced speed from the Time Mage.

The Gargoya Scrapper was the first to fall, under heavy magical blows. The round one armor scrapping ended with a positive heal on the Mycelic Slipspawn.

The main tank was down! The Slipspawn has fallen in the second round, from the Pelacor Arbalest deadly double strike. The enemy Chaos Knight replaced the Gargoya Scrapper and my Failed Summoner replaced the Slipspawn in the front row.

Round three started with the Failed Summoner reflecting two magical attacks, easy damage on the Time Mage and Djinn Renova. It couldn't handle the Arbalest and the Centauri Mage turn to tank has come. It was a well timed change, as the Centauri returned some damage into the Pelacor, thanks to the Return Fire ability.

This battle is going heads-to-heads, with the opponent losing the second tank and now relying on Djinn Renova to take the blows.

The Centauri Mage just turned the tides of the battle in my favor, returning two ranged attacks on the Pelacor Arbalest, and getting healed back to 5 health points.

The Goblin Psychic took care of rejuvenating the Centauri mage health but also had the final blow on Djinn Renova. We are entering round five with a 3v3 duel, and it's still unclear who will claim the victory.

Another double return fire on the Pelacor, as the Centauri Mage fell under the rain of arrows. The Goblin took off the Time Mage and we headed into Round Six with a little advantage in my favor.

Was game over shortly, as the Goblin healed himself and left the Pelacor Arbalest unguarded and unable to attack. See the full battle here!

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