My February Crypto Review - From Biswap With Love!

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9 months ago

From Biswap With Love ....

I always knew what we could do...

From Biswap With Love ....

We'll take $BSW to the stars above,

I date you all to fall in love with you

February was the month of love and crypto gains! I enjoyed farming auto-compounding $BSW, and tapped into the love-filled Double Launchpools. Biswap shared love and good vibes, and 2023 has hugs and kisses! 

The fight against the crypto bear is nearly over! I am building a healthy crypto portfolio on Biswap and going Biswap Beast Mode is the way forward. THIS IS THE WAY! 

PVM gone Beast Mode for 2023 and I choose Biswap as my trusted partner. I chose it because it's different than the other DEXs and DeFi protocols, constantly innovating the tools and always listening to the voice of the community.

Biswap is above and beyond the standard crypto decentralized exchange, providing a wide range of crypto opportunities. The users can use DeFi tools, peer-to-peer crypto trading, NFT market, top staking options, dual-earning launchpools, unique Multi-Reward Pool and the newly launched Expert Mode

There is something for everyone, and you will love Biswap even if you're not a trader. Content creators and influencers can tap into the 3-type referral system or earn $BSW tokens through the Space Agents Program!

I am a Space Agent and I am a living proof that quality crypto content will be rewarded. I won 6 prizes in 7 participations, and even shared the Biswap glamor on Instagram.

The DeFi farming is simplified and the entry barrier for new users was lowered by Biswap. Staking 500 $BSW tokens in the Holder Pool makes every user eligible for the Double Launchpools. 

The community voted for 30 days launchpools, enhancing the rewards. At the start of February I was earning BSW, wBNB, NEAR and ATOM at accelerate rates. The APR in all the Double Launchpools was over 31%

BSW + Zilliqa replaced the inactive ATOM pool, and I quickly moved the 1500 $BSW allocation in the freshly created Launchpool. Zilliqa (ZIL) is a blockchain created to solve Ethereum's scalability and transaction processing problems. Zilliqa's core feature is that it is a good foundation to build applications and networks that require high transaction throughput.

I am a Zilliqa fan since 2022, as the unique scalability has huge potential. Back in 2021 I seen Zilliqa and Elrond as gems and added them in my HODL portfolio.

Diamond hands full of Zilliqa, with 16,000 tokens staked on Atomic Wallet. The number will grow, as all the Biswap rewards will follow the same path.

I enjoyed a sweet Valentine's Day, cooked some Minty Lamb Swirls and had dinner with candles ...Crypto Candles! Share the love to feel the love!

Biswap shares love not only on Valentine's Day... Biswap shares love 365 days/year, 24/7 ... crypto love for the users every second! I enjoy the $BSW earned in the auto-compounding pool, but I love the same the Double Launchpools.

February extra gains in wBNB and Zilliqa ($ZIL), at 20.67% and 14.36% APR. More $BSW is getting farmed along those two power-cryptocurrencies, helping me to get closer to my 2023 BSW goal! 

I made Biswap my prime trading platform, as the fees are the lowest. Another reason is the fee return for swaps, with fee reimbursement of up to 50% of the value. I am constantly getting extra $BSW for my trades, and the experience got even better with the Expert Mode

Biswap Expert Mode was created for advance trading, a dashboard with built-in Trading View that allows beginners and experienced traders to perform technical analysis. The feature has tools that help build charts, share strategies on social media, and forecast asset prices.

Go to the -Expert Mode- tap to turn on the advanced trading tools, such as Timeframe, Chart View, Indicators, Action Management, Save option, Chart settings, and Snapshot function.

The "Candlestick" charts will highlight the current information on asset price fluctuations. In addition, each candle shows the open price/close price/high price/low price, along with the highest and lowest price in the period.

The technical indicators are algorithms that predict the future price behavior of an asset based on historical data. The love for traders is pure, and Gann fans can use more complex elements for in-depth technical analysis. However, the Fibonacci tools are excellent for beginners, with fan lines, time periods, arcs and spirals.

Expert Mode is an excellent opportunity for beginners and experienced traders to simplify the development of technical analysis using the tools described above. They contain many automatic patterns and indicators that help to predict the market situation.

Love you Biswap! You helped me to have clear goals and motivated me! All I wanted for Christmas was $BSW, and the plan for 2023 is to reach 23,000 tokens. This is just realistic approach, as the true challenge is to have 30,000 tokens by the end of the year. 

You will fell in love with the vibrant Biswap community, where you can play games and win $BSW on a daily basis. Biswap users are invited to bring constructive feedback on social media or in the local communities.

Join me on Biswap and let's go Beast Mode togather! Join the Biswap Social Media and Local Communities and be up to date with the blockchain evolution. With Biswap you can read, learn and explore in your preferred language:

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Can't be always shining ✨️ but I an trying! How you keeping?

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