MultiversX Drama - I Failed The 180-Days Streak On X-Portal

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The Elrond Network was created as a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for Dapps and block-chain solutions. The Adaptive State Sharding Mechanism was designed to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed is the future of block-chain.

The Romanian project had a major rebranding in March 2023, changing to the more appealing MultiversX name. The Maiar Wallet transformed into X-Portal and the new UI included quests, GameFi, socials, NFT marketplace and man more! I started on a new journey and trying to get the max out of this new enhanced wallet.

I started doing quests and tasks, growing my NFT collection! One of the hard ones was obtained for logging on X-Portal for 30 consecutive days. The Courageous Voyager mission also rewarded me with 1500 XP and an extra avatar pack.

Was pure madness to remember the daily claim, as I failed twice with 20 days streak! I also set the in-app reminder but it's broken and the pop-up message fails to ... pop-up! Most of the time I receive the notification after I have already claimed the daily XP. 

If you think claiming XP daily for a month was hard? The Dauntless Crusader mission requires 90-days streak to earn the SFT, another avatar pack and 9,000 XP. I always believed I was unlocking NFTs but I was wrong! All X-Portal achievements and quests are rewarding Semi-Fungible Tokens, an innovative token with more advantages than the classic NFTs.

The semi-fungible tokens combine the characteristics of fungible tokens and NFTs into an innovative blockchain unit. The SFT exhibit the qualities of fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens at different points in their lifecycle.

I managed to reach the 90-days streak in one go, thanks to a daily alarm set on my phone! The Dauntless Crusader challenge was completed on the first try, and a new challenge emerged! 

If you think the 90-days streak was mad, the Fearless Time Hopper mission needs double that amount to be completed. It comes with 1 extra avatar pack and 20,000 XP! 

Luckily enough, the streak doesn't reset when users complete the Dauntless Crusader mission. Basically I was half way through this mission, and I had to keep the momentum! 

It started well and  reached 100 days soon, and made it to 110 without issues. It slowly got harder, as I had few close calls. The day was resetting according to the time in Romania, which was 11 PM in my local time. Few times I remembered just few minutes before 11 and saved my streak.

Was hard during the summer, when I was in holiday without internet, but managed to maintain my streak with random WiFi claims at the hotel or even at McDonalds. 

I reached 150 days and it looked closer then ever. I was like I could already see that Fearless Time Hopper NFT in my wallet! One more month and will be done! 

But life waits to punch you in the face! As one of the days I totally fluff it! I checked but the UI didn't refreshed, and I thought I done it after midnight. Later on I realized I didn't and opened X-Portal as fast I could. It was too late... I failed the challenge! 

No Fearless Time Hopper... not now... not ever! The Dauntless Crusader NFT will remain my top one, as I gave up on the idea of logging 180 consecutive days! 

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