Mayfair - The Smart Beta DTFs Issuer on Arbitrum & zkSync

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Innovation is the key of evolution, since the discovery of fire to space exploration. This is also applied in the cryptoverse, where everything happens at 10x speed.

You must create the top tools keep on the top of the industry, and DeFi is more competitive than ever!

However, some projects are going above and beyond the current status quo! Mayfair is one of the most innovative projects I seen in 2023, introducing DTFs, leverage trading and more DeFi tools!

The Mayfair Fund will be launched on the 22nd of May, at 6 PM UTC! The vision is to innovate and elevate the Arbitrum and zkSync ecosystems with real yield, value proposition, future prediction and DFTs!

What is a DTF? What Mayfair brings to the market? DFT stands for DEX Traded Funds, a basket of tokens that forms a crypto index! Each DTF will track the performance of a portfolio composed of chosen assets, as the Smart Index Pool is rebalanced by arbitrageurs just like any liquidity pool.

Full flexibility and user powered choices, as the Mayfair Fund traders can request the fund they like! See potential in a blockchain narrative or theme? Let the team know and request a fund!

You will be able to buy into & trade Dex Traded Funds. Mayfair's revolutionary DTFs offer everyone investment access and the ability to long and short DeFi sectors, themes and narratives. Enjoy NFT or AI funds, with exotic sector and narratives fund to be added!

The $MAY token will be a gem with multiple sources of income! Exit fees, swap fees, perp trading fees, minting and redeeming DFT fees will reward the holders!

The token has 3 million max supply, launching at $858,000 market cap! The crypto audit will be finalized pre-launch and staking farms will be available! One of the best roadmaps I seen in DeFi!

The DTFs can be Longed/Shorted with high leverage similar to GMX through Mayfair's integrated Perp Dex. The fees generated from buying DTFs will be used for buybacks (real yield protocol). Hold mDTF to earn a share of protocol revenue

tl;dr version in this Twitter thread! Show some love to this old dog!

Join the zealy campaign and challenge the leaderboard! $1000 in prizes to be shared to the top users! The winner of the sprint will win $400, the runner-up will receive $300, and the next three users by XP accumulated will win $100 each.

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How do I start the zealy campaign, I haven't heard about it cause I haven't been active on hive tho

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1 year ago

Zealy Campaign can be done for any platform

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1 year ago

Thank you for sharing info about this.

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1 year ago

You should join this one! Fast event on zealy ... ending 22nd of May

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1 year ago