Lend Flare - Maximal profitability using Curve Convex and Compound

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I seen and heard good reviews about Lend Flare as a revolutionary lending platform. My question is ... Why Lend Flare? It's time for DeFi education and a seminar in innovative learning solutions. Lend Flare vision is to solve three DeFi problems: efficiency and maximizing user yield, liquidation risk and finding great value for user’s collateralized assets.

Dear students ... write down today's date and the lesson objective - understanding Lend Flare. The new lending mechanisms Lend Flare Efficient - Safer -  Innovative - No investment commission! Check this Twitter Video!

Lend Flare integrated Curve, Compound and Convex into the protocol, maximizing efficiency and the user's yield. The integration of 3 other protocols created a system that generate a bigger reward from collateralized assets and reduced the risk of liquidation in the event of price fluctuation. Is the beautiful way to use curve to amplify returns.

Lend Flare will maximize the borrower's profit through a revolutionary staking system. The Curve LPs are deposited back into Curve via the Convex and used as collateral. Check how the revolutionary lending platforms work by visiting the Lend Flare DApp

The lenders supplied assets will be deposited into Compound to earn basic interest and will get withdrawn only when the asset is borrowed. The high collateral ratio creates a higher interest rate than on Compound. The risk of liquidation is eliminated, as the collaterals on Lend Flare are deposited on Convex Finance not lent out. Lend Flare is one giant step for DeFi

As we have few minutes until the end of the lesson, please writhe the tl;dr conclusion in the work book: Lend Flare creates #DeFi Synergy by using Curve, Compound Finance and ConvexFinance to maximize earnings and reduce the risks.

Read The Reading Ape complete Lend Flare guide and the feedback from the AMA hosted by CRE8R DAO

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