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Kucoin listing! OpenLeverage (OLE)

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4 weeks ago
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I am a crypto adventurer and I explore the Metaverse for the "next big thing", that token that will quickly go 100x or that coin that has so much utility that will be a shame not to have it in the portfolio. This exploration often takes me to Kucoin, where low cap gems are usually listed. 

If last month I discovered Moonweel ($WELL) as a magical ecosystem, this month I will adventure into an OpenLeverage quest! Open Leverage Finance enables users to lend and margin trade in a perfectly secure permissionless ecosystem. The users can leverage thousands of tokens and trade with integrated liquidity from top DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap, PancakeSwap or Biswap.

The platform is fully permissionless and all the users can create lending or trading pools for any pair available on the DEX - with a single click. The multi chain system connects AMM DEXs on Kucoin Community Chain, Binance Chain and Ethereum. 

The OpenLeverage listing on Kucoin came with many events! The BurningDrop was available on the 5th of July and users could mine $OLE by staking USDT, KCS and ETH. I was late for this one as the allocation was full in minutes. I need to set an alarm for the next BurningDrop.

The Trading Carnival was a real delight, as $125,000 worth of $OLE are set to be given away. The even is still live, concluding tomorrow at 10 AM UTC. If you didn't join the celebration, head now to Kucoin and participate in any of the three events.

Please not that you have to click "Register Now!" to claim the rewards. The "Call-To-Action!" is the easiest task, just share the quote and the link on any group/community/platform and pray for a prize.  Fill the google form as 1000 lucky users will chosen and receive $10 worth of Open Leverage tokens.

The first event activity is the Net Buying Campaign, where the participants will share $35,000 worth of $OLE. The early birds will receive up to $10 worth of $OLE, while all users who bought at least $100 worth of Open Leverage will evenly claim a share of $5000.

Activity number 2 is the Trading Tournament, with $70,000 in $OLE allocated for prizes. The top thirty accounts with the highest trading ratio in the OLE/USDT pair will split $48,500 worth of tokens, while the other participants who reached $400 trading amount will share $11,,5000 in proportion to the volume they reached.

Activity 3 will reward all the participants that reached at least $50 trading volume. They must have the OLE/USDT pair added in the Favorite List and pass KYC level 1. Everyone who matches the criteria will share $1000 worth of Open Leverage tokens.

The $OLE token is powering the Open Leverage ecosystem, as a community focused asset that will enable all users to more accessible to decentralized financial infrastructure.. The token was deployed on Ethereum and bridged to Binance Chain and Kucoin Community Chain via Multichain, with more EVM-compatible chains to be added. 

The OLE token is the native token that enables shared community ownership and protocol usage incentives. It can be minted or farmed through trading, lending, referral system and participating in Clans Clash. The distribution focused on the DAO Treasury, with good shares distributed to investors, development and the team.

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Written by   1060
4 weeks ago
Topics: Business, Growth, ETH, Security, Economics, ...
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