Kucoin Gets Into World Cup Fever! Crypto and World Cup-Themed NFTs

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Kucoin is working hard to build a better Cryptoverse and I am working hard to create a steady flow of passive income on Kucoin! It's not always the airdrop hunt, or the search for gems... sometimes is the participation on competitions and events! 

The Kucoin Football World Cup is one of the events that will share a considerable amount of crypto to all the participants! The World Cup Carnival brings together Kucoin , YGG SEA, Polygon Studios and WinGoal ... to share $1,000,000 worth of prizes!  

The Kucoin World Cup Carnival will share one million in 3 days, plus Qatar 2022 themed NFTs. There are 4 events and many side quests that can enhance the wins ... and the first step is to click the "Join Now" button below to participate in this event! 

The four parts of the KuCoin and WinGoal will be launching the World Cup Carnival will take place between 10:00 on 17th of November until 10:00 on the 20th of November. The participants are invited to share $MLS airdrops, earn free NFTs, win World Cup merchandise, tickets and a slice of the prize pool.

The Glem Giveaway for MSL prizes is live, with Twitter related tasks. The prize pool is 80,000 $MLS tokens, worth over $72,000! The game is free to play and the participants can earn more entries as they complete more tasks. 

The top 100 players will win set prizes from 10,000 $MLS, while the rest of the participants will win an equal slice of 65,00 $MLS tokens. All the rewards will be distributed in the WinGoal account within 7 working days after the Carnival.

You can chose your favorite football icon and send him your blessing. Those who complete the task will receive a WinGoal NFT for free, worth $10 per NFT. I will go for Messi ... because he will be to old to participate at another World Cup.

It's an end of an era, as many stars will soon retire from international football. The same will happen during the Kucoin World Cup Carnival, as the participants can use the KucoinFox to capture idols and get rewards within a limited time. Sounds like Pac-Man with football players, as the gamers collect lottery ticket and draw random rewards such as BTC, World Cup tickets, jerseys, shoes, and WinGoal tokens. The points will also added to the idol and be displayed on the leaderboard.

You can bind your Kucoin account for extra chances, improving the mini-game tries per game with one more shot. Kucoin users can also receive an extra chance to play by trading the supported pairs (KCS-USDT, MLS-USDT, YGG-USDT and MATIC-USDT)

Kucoin can send you to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, or help you earn a share of $50,000 each day! There are five boxes, which can be kicked with the ball. Each box will reveal a random distance, which will be automatically converted into the user's contribution distance. Each box can get you closer to Qatar, so let the gods of random guide your shoot! 

The "Daily Distance Award" will distribute 60% of the total daily prize pool, based on the user's shooting distances. Let's say you contribute with 313 meters, then you can share up to 5 prize pools from 40 meters, 80 meters, 120 meters, 200 meters, and 300 meters. One of your Kucoin friends will contribute with only 88 meters so heshe will share the prize pool from 40 meters and 80 meters.

Don't miss a day, as 30% of the total daily prize pool will be shared to those who contribute to the distance of the World Cup every single day. Every player that matched the criteria will receive an equal share of crypto. The remaining 10% of the prize pool and rewards will be shared by the top 20 players with the largest contribution each day. 

Distance can be earned by playing the game or by completing trades in the supported pairs (KCS-USDT, MLS-USDT, YGG-USDT and MATIC-USDT). The  Kucoin account must be linked with the WinGoal account for the trades to be recorded.

Unsure about who will be a title contender? England is the top ranked team according to the squad value ... with 1.2 billion USD. Brazil is second, with 966 millions, followed by France. Portugal and Spain are the other teams in the top 5, while Uruguay is filling the last spot of the top 10.

Kucoin World Cup Carnival:

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I was already reading about this today. Interesting, but he always asks you to trade in order to continue competing, it's difficult.

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