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Kucoin brings Fitness and AI in synergy with the FITFI token

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I am a crypto Indiana Jones, a Metaverse adventurer and explorer. I am searching the blockchains for the "next big thing", that token that will quickly go 100x or that coin that has so much utility that will be a shame not to have it in the portfolio. Today I will explore the synergy between Fitness and A.I. because FitFi and  Kucoin are strong together!

There is no better place than Kucoin for exploring the cryptocurrencies of tomorrow. Kucoin is a champion in listing low cap gems, adding a various range of new crypto and tokens each month.

In June and July I took part in the Kucoin Content Creator challenge and even if I didn't qualified for the big prizes, I received two small USDT prizes straight into my account.

I used the June prize to buy $OLE, another new listing on Kucoin. I added 728 tokens in my portfolio, and set them on HODL mode until they will reach the full potential.

The $OLE token powers the Open Leverage ecosystem, a platform that is fully permissionless. The users can create lending or trading pools for any pair available on the DEX - with a single click. The multi chain system connects AMM DEXs on Kucoin Community Chain, Binance Chain and Ethereum. 

The July prize was spent on FITFI, a new token added on Kucoin that aims to create synergy between Fitness and AI. FITFI is an innovative computer vision enabled fitness platform that identifies and tracks fitness activities through the phone camera and provides real-time actionable insights. All you have to do is to position the phone with the camera facing towards you and start the workout, while the computer vision technology analyzes your movements and provides feedback.

FitFi creates a synergy between physical experience and the metaverse, through the use of NFTs and geo-location technology. The Fitness Finance market invites the participants to earn from the value generated by the $100B fitness industry. The Step App was created as a solution for the demand in the Fitness Metaverse GameFi market. Increase your step count by walking, jogging, or running to earn, while competing with friends or strangers. 

The Step App combines the NFT/Avatars Metaverse with Fitness in a Fitness Metaverse. The $FitFi token also has staking opportunity, burning mechanisms, buy-backs, and liquidity incentives. 

The $FITFI token was minted on Avalanche C-Chain, with a total supply of 5,000,000,000 FITFI tokens. The token allocation is complex with only 14% of the tokens shared through public sale. The majority will be shared through mining and Move2Earn (30%) plus staking and liquidity (25%). The partners, advisors and consultants shared only 6% of the supply, while 15% is reserved for marketing, acquisitions and licenses.

I do think this project has great potential, and Move2Earn is a sector that will grow in the following months. I took advantage of the discounted price and spent 30 USDT to purchase 234 $FITFI tokens.

Random prizes and non-stop events are more reasons to like Kucoin! I received $5 Futures Bonus and this made my try margin borrowing and trading. Used the bonus to go long on BTC PERP/USDT, with a liquidation price at $19,023 per Bitcoin. It's going well considering BTC never dropped under $20,000 in the last weeks.

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Written by   1094
1 month ago
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