Konra & Club1BCH Premier League Fantasy Football - Round 16, World Cup and Christmas

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The KONRA & #Club1BCH Premier League Fantasy had a break after round 16, as the football moved to Qatar.

The best teams in the world competed in Qatar between 21st of November and 18th of December, and Argentina won the trophy. Club1BCH was there!

Let's get back to the Premier League! I realize it's time for to award the the Christmas bonus, as the Round 17 is scheduled on Boxing Day! The Empress sent 2 KONRA tokens to the manager that finished on top after the weekend.

First game... first shock! Manchester City lost at home against Brentford, and I am sure that many managers will suffer as Haaland got only 1 point. More surprises in this round, as many players were playing safe, not risking their World Cup health.

We have 7 teams compressed between only 39 points, all 7 going the 900 mark. Luckeri leads the group, with @Gaiom close behind. Marius Babus on 3rd, chased up by Manacing Madrid and Konttyrat FC! I am a bit sad that no #Club1BCH manager is in the top 10, but we are only half way through the season. GAME ON!

Having a noisecash or readcash account is not mandatory criteria but will help you get updates and being tagged in the articles.  The order for the next 8 rounds will be as it follows: @HappyBoy Round 17, @Crackers Round 18, @Olasquare Round 19,  @George_Dee Round 20, @McIrx Round 21, @bmjc98 Round 22 and myself with Round 23

There are 70 players in the league but there's only one @Gaiom , and he is the winner of 2 KONRA for being the Christmas Leader! Why the second place won the Konra Christmas Bonus? Because unfortunately Luckeri didn't fill the form!

Thank you @Empress for the prize! @Gaiom just received 2 $KONRA into the smartBCH wallet starting with 0x4d977BE

Haaland the Beast let us down this round, but at least he will comeback fitter and better after the World Cup. I scored 35 points and dropped from the 13th place to 21st place, but at least I brought Almiron in my squad.

The Fantasy Wallet is up and running, still accepting donation. Feel free to chip in if you want: bitcoincash:qpphz7c4qf8lxvnp06hy7730dxk8vdk7wgr6c4xrc4

All the league admins are constantly chipping in with 50% of the tips from their Fantasy related articles, growing the prize pot as the competition is being played.

The updated wallet currently has 0.138 BCH in it, enough to cover all the announced prizes. There will be at least 0.1 BCH for the winner, 0.05 for the runner-up, 0,025 for the third place and 0.01 for the 4th, 5th and 6th manager (as long as they filled the form and added their wallet)

There are still 8 out of 10 $KONRA tokens to be won, as the top manager at the end of the season will receive 4 $KONRA, the 2nd place will get 2 KONRA, the 3rd place will get one, while the 4th and 5th will receive half KONRA.

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Merry Christmas 😊

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3 months ago

Thank you Jane! How was your Christmas?

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3 months ago

I was surprised by Haaland's character, he has very strong stamina and body. Very good in duels and very high scoring instincts. Good job Haaland.

I've always been Liverpool's favorite since the Steven Gerrard Era, but when I saw Haaland play, I saw something very different.

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3 months ago