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It's a hot DeFi summer for Harvest Finance: June-July Updates

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2 months ago

Harvest Finance automatically farms the highest yields in DeFi, creating #BreadForThePeople ! The DeFi summer has started and Chad leads the way in his tractor

Binance Smart Chain

When Chad opened a farm in CZ's town, I was happy! The fees on Binance Smart Chain were fractions of what a DeFi investor has to pay for Gwei. I staked Venus (XVS), Binance USD and Binance Coin (BNB) for a month and the results was chad-tastic! The biggest slice was 391 $CAKE  and in a month 54 tokens were added in the pot and nearly one bFARM. I will need a bigger barn to keep this earnings. Read One month of honest work! for a detailed  

UMA + Harvest Finance = fCASH 

What is fCASH? fCASH is a synthetic token created from the collaboration between UMA and Harvest Finance. iFARM holders to borrow yield dollars against their staked FARM tokens. The new token is created by leveraging the staked $FARM tokens for $USDC by using the fCASH+USDC incentivized pool created on Uniswap

When Chad discovered the UMA mystery pill he did what every Chad in the multiverse will to ... take it! This is how our favourite degen farmer become a SuperUMAn! 

Humble farmers must deposit iFARM as collateral to mint fCASH. Choosing a safe collateral ratio is important as this will reduce the loses in case the market dips again. Get fCASH and hold it or sell it for USDC but don't forget that paying your debt with fCASH will free the locked iFARM.

Harvest Finance v.2

Harvest Finance announced the #farmlands  evolution with the launch of  V2. The cutting-edge yield farming opportunities are now presented in a push visual layout. 

The Harvest V2 visual shift makes the platform easier of use,  becoming the one-stop shop for yield farming.

Harvest Creativity 

I joined Harvest.Finance in 2020 and I am heading towards my anniversary! It was a smooth ride and I enjoyed every minute.

It was the Creativity Contests that made me grab the pencils and colors after many years of inactivity. 

You know who else joined me in this farmer adventure? My son! He is a Chad fan and always helped me with ideas for competitions. He is always involved in the creative process and his feedback is always appreciated.  

He drew and colored his own Harvest Finance logo for the #HumbleFarmer competition and he was the one to decide the place where we took our landscape picture.

He decided that the best view was from one of the bridges across the River Ouse because the river was the source of fertility for this little English town. 

Many generations of farmers used it as a source of irrigation for their crops and Bedford has a long history in agriculture. 

NFT giveaway 

Congratulations for your patience! Two low mint Harvest Finance NFTs are looking for a new house. Complete the task before Sunday 23:59 UTC for a change to win one of them.

Comment your .wam than tag a friend who would like one of this NFTs. The two winners will receive one Harvest Finance NFT each, distributed randomly.


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Written by   597
2 months ago
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