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Index Coop Marvelous Creations - The JPG Index

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4 weeks ago

NFTs bloomed between 2020 and 2021 as a revolution of culture, art and finances. DeFi provided new opportunities but NFTs still need a high degree of curation and high capital costs

The JPG Index is another marvelous creation set by Index Coop, that solves the above issues. The JPG NFT index was created to provide exposure to blue-chip NFT collection through a single token. The pool is composed of fungible version of NFTs (NFT liquidity vaults, NFT tokens, wrapped NFTs, etc)

The JPG Index provides governance rights on the token protocol and has a market cap of 0.10 million USD, with a current supply of 3,837 tokens. The underlying tokens are: PUNK, WHALE, XMON, SOCKS, DOG, K21, ASH, uJenny and ETH.

The JPG Index is the only one that provides a portfolio of leading NFT collections with the convenience and liquidity of a single token. The key advantages are a wider diver diversification, lower capital for the initial investment, higher entry and exit liquidity, reduced transaction fees and protocol governance. More details can be found at Moonrock - JPG

The token was launched on the 20th of April 2021, on Ethereum Mainnet. The JPG INDEX contract address is 0x02e7ac540409d32c90bfb51114003a9e1ff0249c

What are the Collectooors?

The 100 Collectooors NFTs are linked to Index Coop’s JPG NFT Index, an index token that provides holders exposure to a diversified basket of blue-chip NFT collections in a single, liquid ERC-20 token.

The Collectooor holders will have Megagovernance Power, including the curation to future additions to $JPG and vote of governance proposals for underlying tokens. The holders are eligible for direct airdrops and yields, and more opportunities may arise.

Each Collectooor has eight traits, with the mood and background as a way to represent the holder of the Collectooor.

  • Appreciating: For those with investment strategies that go the long way, the super effective investments that no one understands, not even them.

  • None: No visual feelings and a calculated HODLer

  • Crazy: For those with a dangerous but sustainable habit of aping into the most absurd shit-coins.

  • Grumpy: For FUD-spreader that hate NFTs but collect them anyway.

  • Inspired: For the geeks that always buy the most futuristic stuff.

There are seven backgrounds: Copyscan, Foggy, Rainbows, Ship, Kitchen, Storks, Space

  • Copyscan: For the deep thinker, the silent ones that are waiting for when the moment is right.

  • Foggy: The investors with a poker face, the mischievous and yet calculated type.

  • Rainbows: For the Poppy and Trolls look-alikes. It's all sunshine, rainbows and a perpetual bull market.

  • Ship: For the risk-taker, for the adventurer that is looking ahead

  • Kitchen: For those planning something that others might not understand. For those "cooking" without a book and those that don’t care about what others will think

  • Storks: For the unique individual that stands out from the crowd.

  • Space: For every crypto savvy individual that is at the next level, miles ahead of the rest.

No Collector was sold, and no Collectooor will ever be sold by Index Coop. Twenty NFTs where airdropped to the Index Coop Product Team and core contributors who directly worked on $JPG. Another batch of 25 went to NFT community leaders who have proven themselves to be thoughtful stewards of the NFT ecosystem. The 25 remaing NFTs are stored in the Collectooors treasury.

Collectooor's holders can unlock private channels within the Index Coop Discord, joining the Index Architects for the creation of an unique roadmap and to coordinate the metagovernance activities. Check them all on Opensea

Collectooors NFTs Folklore - Time Travelers by Index Coop

Few weeks ago I tried to make a background story for The Collectooors, a mix between folklore and Cyberpunk 2077.

Collectooor #73 was standing stoic close to the huge glass panel that gives a clear view over the Mecha-World. With the glasses on the tip of the nose, was watching the robots and cyborgs lurking on the streets below.

Collectooor #12 silently approached the leader, arranging her leopard print hat and watching the streets below through her orange lenses. "It is time!" she said with a calm voice.

She patiently waited for a reply, and the answer was transmitted simultaneous to all the Collectors, through their neuronal blockchain links.

"The time has come, we must return to 2022 and protect the greatest minds of that era! We must prevent the robot dominance and maintain the AI into the Metaverse. We are Collectooors! We are the one who successfully pushed through new meta layers and evolved blue chip indeces into globally accepted solution. We eradicated hunger, poverty and greed ... but we never expected the Metaverse to take over THE REAL WORLD.

.... read the full story here!

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Written by   1060
4 weeks ago
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