Hype-O-Meter: The Horizen EVM Is Closer Than You Think

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The Hype-O-Meter gone crazy when the Horizen EVM was announced! Multi-Chain is the way forward and Horizen embraced the evolution by working on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.

Horizen EON will be the first public proof-of-stake sidechain and a fully EVM-compatible smart contracting platform that allows developers to efficiently build and deploy dapps on Horizen, while fully benefiting from the Ethereum ecosystem. Gobi is the permanent public test net, and everyone interested can test it's power.

The Horizen EVM compatibility will lower the entry barrier for developers and will open the Horizen ecosystem to the whole Cryptoverse. This new synergy will allow developers to create applications that can run on any Ethereum-compatible blockchain.

By supporting EVM, an organization such as Horizen opens the mainchain and sidechains to a vast community of developers, and Dapp deployment will be simplified. 

The EVM compatibility will open the Ethereum chain DeFi infrastructure to ZEN users, including hustle-free access to AMMs, DEXs, P2P lending protocols, stablecoins, etc. Alien technology? Just connect it to Horizen and enjoy the innovation.

I know 2023 will be an EVMsome year because the YumaTestnet showed strength and user-friendly access. The EVM public testnet will be available soon, while the mainnet will be available shortly after. You can witness the evolution in the first row by sharing your ideas.

The Horizen Ecosystem grows bigger and bigger, with tools like Zendoo, Cobalt Wallet and TokenMint were created and implemented. The Horizen’s cross-chain protocol is part of Zendoo, the sidechain designed for developers to build blockchains and applications that solve today’s real-world problems with the flexibility to capture tomorrow’s opportunities! The zk-SNARK enabled verifiable CCTP is powering  a privacy-preserving and fully decentralized network of blockchains with massive throughput and scalability. 

The Zendoo protocol was built to solve the inefficiency and lack of transparency in traditional auditing processes, by validating proof of reserves in near-real-time without revealing identifiable information or relying on third-party validators.

zk-SNARKs means Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge and will change the traditional audits by eliminating the dependencies on centralized entities and empower the community. Why are the zk-SNARKs so important? Because the privacy technology allows efficient verification without revealing any identifiable information. 

TokenMint is a Horizen sidechain that provides quick and easy token launch for everyone. The sidechain allows users to mint custom tokens with no developer skills in a process that is fully transparent and provable. Anyone can create fungible tokens on this sidechain, and dive into the Horizen ecosystem. There is no limit to the number of tokens you can create, and no limitations when it comes to fixed number of tokens or unlimited supplies. 

The phased rollout will ensure security since the first steps, as Horizen Labs will protect and limit the access to TokenMint nodes until the staked amount will be enough to consider attacks unlikely to happen. At that point node operators will strengthen security and decentralization.

The process is simplified, and the tokens can be created in three steps. Cobalt Wallet is needed to create a TokenMint address and ZEN is required for transactions fee. The next step is also the final part... as minting tokens never been easier.

Cobalt Wallet currently supports any fungible tokens that are minted on TokenMint, and can support ZEN transfers into the platform for the purpose of paying transaction fees. Also, Cobalt Wallet allows users to mint and manage the tokens directly from the web browser. Download Cobalt Wallet from TokenMint or from the Chrome Store and add it as a browser extension. 

Punkz Hero is powered by PKZ tokens, minted on TokenMint. The game is available on PipeFlare, a play2earn crypto gaming platform, where the players can play, collect free tokens, claim airdrops and earn rewards through the referral program. The game is one of the early members of the extended Horizen family, and more Dapps will soon follow.

Yuma was the a temporary public testing environment for EON, and I had to check it! I dived into the Yuma Testnet, and minted the $PVM tokens. I choose 1,000,000 total token supply because PVM is on in a million! Surfed through the next steps, deployed the contract and minutes later the the $PVM token was live on the Yuma Blockchain.

Chainlist is a list of EVM networks where the users can use the information to connect their wallets and Web3 middleware providers to the appropriate Chain ID and Network ID to connect to the correct chain.

Add Gobi to your Metamask and dive into Horizen. Create a token, deploy a smart-contract or claim some $LOVE!

Network name: Gobi Testnet
New RPC URL: https://gobi-testnet.horizenlabs.io/ethv1
Chain ID: 1663
Currency symbol: ZEN
Block Explorer: https://gobi-explorer.horizen.io/

EVM is closer than you think! Horizen EON (Ethereum Open Network) will be the first public proof-of-stake and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible smart contracting sidechain, and the launch of the permanent public testnet Gobi brings it closer to deployment.

Gobi Testnet is supported by a network of products, integrations and tools that ensures the rich capability and user-friendliness for EON developers and end users, starting on day one. The Horizen x Immunefi partnership launched the Gobi Bug Bounty Program with up to $75,000 in bounties! Read all about it! 

Horizen 2022 Annual Review 

2023 will be EVMsome, as Horizen will continue with integrations and partnerships. 2022 was an exciting year for the Horizen ecosystem, as major milestones were reached. TokenMint went live, the Cobalt Wallet was launched and Zencon0 took place in the summer. 

ZenCon0 was the first-ever Horizen ecosystem summit, celebrating the growth and accomplishments of the project.  The two-days conference was filled with spotlights, panels, and break-out sessions ranging from Metaverse on the HorizenWeb3 & SportsThe Power of CommunityZen OG stories, and more!

TokenMint simplified the creation and minting of fungible and nonfungible tokens, while the Cobalt extension web wallet brought easy access to those tokens. Sphere maintained the top place in user's preference, with 243,000 downloads.

The community grew massively, with followers boosts on Twitter, YouTube LinkedIn and Reddit. The Horizen Academy traffic had a major increase, showing that the educational hub was helpful for the community. 

We witness  thirteen new integrations, of which three were multi-coin exchanges, four new centralized exchanges, the first AMM model exchange support for ZEN, one new wallet, one new PoS provider and two new fiat onramps. 

What shall we expect from 2023? Vitalik checking Horizen EON? Horizen NFT Marketplace? Humble Tractors on EON? I am sure this year has something for everyone! 

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