Horizen (ZEN) - ready for the December halving

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Back in April I was highlighting  Horizen's (ZEN) potential to become prime cryptocurrency and how this privacy-focused, block-chain platform can enable real-world applications to be mapped on secure and private block-chain architecture. I bought 16 tokens than and the price then was under $5. In August when the price surged to nearly $11, I sold 6 ZEN which covered the initial investment and I kept 10. Even if today's price is similar to 6 months ago, if I considering the September great dip and October altcoin crisis, I am happy that a small growth was achieved. The getzen.cash helped me to add extra fractions in the wallet with minimal effort.

In May, Horizen (ZEN) surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in number and quality of nodes, becoming the industry's largest node network. Moving on from this success, and going fast forward to the last quarter of 2020, brings as closer to another milestone. The Horizen first halving as a project is planed on the 1st of December, event which will follows the Bitcoin's source code and will halve the mining reward and new blocks creation by 50%. 

The halving is planned every 840,000 blocks (approximately every 4 years) and the result of reduce the block reward to 6.25 ZEN from 12.5 ZEN. The halving will impact node operators, miners and stakeholders. Currently ZEN stakeholders receive 20% of the total reward from Nodes, 20% from the Treasury and 60% from miners. The halving of the block reward automatically reduce the stakeholders reward by half. The Horizen inflation over time will make the token more valuable, as a result of multiple halvings.

I currently have 11.17 ZEN on my Sphere Wallet, 10 from the April investments and 1.17 from Horizen (ZEN) fountain and the tier 4 reward system. I hope that after the halving, the price will start to build up, as the mining reward will be reduced.

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I was very close to mine some ZEN too using a faucet. But I can't remember what happened, I gave up, hahaha. But there is still time to change my mind.

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2 years ago

You needed their own wallet, Sphere, and you skipped

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2 years ago

Yeeeeeeep. Wrong move!

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